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Idolatry Part 3

Story Title: Idolatry Part Three
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 70 chapters are beneath cut!

Desi stirred, rolling onto her side and snuggling the rich fabric of the Joker's coat. She breathed deep, taking in his scent and peeking with one eye to study her surroundings. She lay on several large canvas bags in the corner of the storage silo. The metal doors were open to the port in the dusklight, and her eyes lingered on the Joker, who stood in the doorway looking out. His cuffs were rolled past the elbow, and he leaned on his left arm as it held to the frame. Desi looked down at his coat and pulled it close to her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the satin lining against her skin before she stretched and rose to her feet. She stepped lightly with her bare feet up to him, offering to return his coat.

Joker looked at her briefly, waving dismissively at the coat as he returned his attention on the water. "I love these quiet moments..." he said lustfully, "before the storm." Desi threw the coat to the crude wooden tables that lined the left side of the silo. "It's so warm for this time of the year." she noted, "It must be in the fifties." She looked out at the water, and there was a loud rumbling in the weak light of the evening. "Stormy weather coming" Desi said, "All those funerals..." Joker looked her over in the light. "You can really see all your scars in that outfit." he commented, "Even the ones on your back." Desi smiled but didn't look away from the water, "In my experience its the scars that no one can see that hurt the worst." she said flatly. Desi turned to face him, resting her back against the wall of the silo. "I remember every one of these." she said, tracing each scar, "Anything permanent should hurt. In my experience, it usually does."

"So what's next?" she asked, cleaning under her nails with her knife, "Maybe you like these quiet moments, but I am chomping at the bit." The storm struck immediately, pounding the earth with heavy drops of water which splashed up as they struck, creating a mist in the air. Desi giggled, trotting out in a circle as the freezing water kissed her skin and drenched her hair. She looked up to the sky, her dark makeup running from her eyes and streaking her face with black trails. "Patience." Joker called out to her as he watched her in the rain. Desi walked back to the shelter of the silo, her chest heaving from the cold and her soaked hair slicked back. "I don't wanna be patient." she replied sadly, "I wasted so much time, J. Trying to be normal. I wasted it on Johnathan, on Matilda, when I could have been with you." Joker stared seriously at her as she concluded, "I want it all back."

Desi was sopping wet, and closed her eyes as she leaned against the wall to calm herself. Her attempts was interrupted as she tasted the Joker's probing tongue and felt him take her in his strong arms. Desi unbuttoned his shirt, drawing her nails down his lean chest, and he broke the kiss. "You regret being with him instead of me?" he asked. Desi looked up into his eyes. Her expression softened and she replied, "Yes." Joker bypassed her face, biting along her neck as he lifted her by her ass. He carried her to the coarse wood of the table and set her at the corner as he pressed to her body. "Tell me you love me." Joker instructed. Desi smiled at him, "I remember a time when you didn't want that." she said happily. Joker stared down at her smugly, "Well I know you do now, so no point in that." He held her neck as she gazed at him, "So tell me." Desi went serious as she looked at him, "More than life. More than anyone I've ever met in my life." she replied.

Joker began to open his pants as he watched the growing excitement on Desi's face. "You expect me to love you?" he asked. Desi shook her head, her smile growing. "Hmmpf." he sounded, looking down, "You must expect something for such adoration." Desi slid down the table, wincing slightly at the splintered surface as she rubbed against it. "I just want to keep going." she sighed, "I don't even want to slow down. I don't want to look back." Joker held to her thighs, penetrating her slowly as he watched her react. The storm raged in the doorway, sending waves of fine mist which clung to their hair and wet their skin. Joker barely moved, holding to Desi as he made short, aggressive thrusts with his hips. Desi run her hands up his chest, leaning in to kiss along his neck and his shoulder. Joker's fingers gripped her soft skin, and as he began to thrust harder, he growled "Mine. Mine. Mine."

Desi dropped her head back, licking her lips and closing her eyes. She nodded as she moaned softly, offering her chest to him. Joker started at her neck, leaving a trail of bite marks and deep bruised hickeys all along her chest as he began to stroke long deep strokes. He leaned into her and she rested on her elbows against his coat. "You are beautiful." he mumbled gruffly, tracing along her scars with his fingers. He began to bite her again, returning his hands to her waist to control his stroke. Desi longed to kiss him, feeling her orgasm build as he continued to drive deeply into her. Desi looked out the door at the bay and the slowly dying storm. "Mine." He said breathless, and she touched his moist hair softly. Joker sat up, looking her in the eye as he thrust harshly, shaking as he pumped his load into her. Joker grunted, massaging along her clit with his thumb as he remained inside her.

He watched as Desi slowly lost her concentration, her eyes crossing as her grip on him went limp. Desi moaned blissfully, falling back onto his coat and the Joker smirked as she writhed, gasping for air and drenching him as she came. He stopped, but remained inside her as he watched her rub her face and lick her lips as she panted. "Such a sad day for Gotham." She commented, trying to sit up as he pulled from her. "But a beautiful one." he replied, looking out. Desi rested against his chest, breathing deep. "We really should pay our respects." Joker said dryly. Desi smiled, lifting to examine him curiously. "And...since you've been such a good girl." he taunted, "I think we should take the venom out." Desi lit up, smiling wide as she listened. Joker smoothed her hair, "With all this sadness, let's put a smile on their faces."

Gordon sat in his office in the dark, staring out aimlessly. His glasses and a neglected glass of Scotch sat on his desk, and he sensed Batman there before he could say anything. "I don't know how to not be here." Gordon admitted, "Even at times like these, I more at home in this office than in my home." He chuckled, "Barbara used to throw fits about it." Batman listened as he sat in the windowsill, searching for the words to console his friend. "Now she's gone and I'm right back here." Gordon sighed, "Some husband." He sniffed, turning his back to Batman and reaching for his scotch. "She wanted to leave me once. A few years ago. Couldn't cope with the worry of the job, but I..." he sobbed, "I talked her out of it."

Batman left the window, placing a hand at the back of his chair. "This wasn't your fault, Jim." he assured him, "Go home to your family. The entire town wants them, we'll get them." Gordon wiped his face a took a calming breath, "Do you think they're cooking something up right now?" he asked. Batman thought hard, "Perhaps, but they will be out there tomorrow. Go be with your children tonight. I'll be out there tonight." Gordon leaned forward, resting against his knees and pulling a low drawer on his desk. "I don't know if its related, but there have been several burglaries in various botanical nurseries around town this week. All rare plants, but nothing toxic."

Batman took the file. "Doesn't seem like the Joker or Desdemona." he said, reading the file. "Any word on Crane's escape?" Gordon shook his head, "Not since the home burned down, but with all the chemicals and accelerants found, sifting through the rubble is going to take time." Gordon leaned back, sending his chair swiveling as he rubbed his eyes. "I'll take this and do rounds tonight. Go home and rest." Batman encouraged, and Gordon relented. He stoof, setting his glass down and retrieving his glasses. "Go ahead and take that file and whatever else you need." he said as he made his way to the door. He stopped at his coat rack and turned back. "Thanks, for everything." he said softly. Batman looked up from the file, "I'm just returning the favor. You were there for me when I lost someone dear once." Gordon, tipsy and grief stricken, looked at him puzzled before he turned and left Batman in his office.

Dick sat typing a report when there was a knock at his door. He saved the document and stood to answer the door. He opened and Matilda rushed in, dropping her small bag and grabbing the back of Dick's head as she kissed him passionately. They stood in the open doorway for several minutes, Dick stunned by Matilda's presence and new found aggression. "Mattie, what are you doing here?" Dick asked, confused, "I mean, I'm glad you're here but aren't you early?" Matilda ran her fingers through his hair and looked up at him. "I just wanted to see you." she said. Dick smiled as he looked down on her, "Well I wish I had known. I could've come to get you." Matilda leaned in, kissing him again and kicking the door closed.

She pushed him to the couch, unbuttoning her blouse as she straddled him. She kissed him again, moaning happily as she placed his hands on her sides and framed his face. "Mattie, are you feeling ok?" Dick asked, mildly concerned. Matilda grabbed his belt, snatching it off and sending it flying across the room, crashing into a math award and knocking it from the wall. "I'm fine." she assured him, "I just want to feel...better." Matilda looked into Dick's eyes, "You want me to feel better?" she asked. Dick swallowed hard, nodding slowly. Matilda smirked, "Then take your pants off." Dick didn't dare tell her, but everything about her approach, tone, and body language mirrored her mother. She even looked like Desdemona as she dominated him.

Matilda went for her pants, and Dick watched her nervously. "Do you want to go to the bedroom maybe?" he asked. "Nope. I'm good." She replied as she worked. She kissed Dick again, and he grabbed her face, turning her onto the couch a he kissed her back. She began to tug at his pants, and he grabbed her wrists, pinning them over her head. "I got this." He assured her, kissing down her torso as he slowly released her wrists. He pulled her pants away and lifted to remove his own. "God, you're beautiful." he soothed, "I love you Mattie." Matilda looked up, "Don't say that!" she huffed, "Please, just fuck me. That's all I want." Dick looked at her hurt, and Matilda rolled her eyes, tackling and mounting him forcefully.

"You have to promise me." She demanded as she began to ride him. "Promise me that you'll never leave. Tell me you won't let me curse you." Dick reached for her hands, but Matilda slapped them away. "Don't comfort me, just promise me!" Matilda began to grind against against him roughly, looking away from him as if to focus herself. "Promise me..." She said, as Dick held to her face softly, "that you won't die." Dick sat up, holding to her face and pressing his forehead to hers. "I promise baby." he whispered, "I promise." He held to her thigh, turning over and laying her down. "I'm so sorry that they killed Liam," Dick soothed, "but that isn't going to happen to me." Matilda looked up to the ceiling, "Yeah, that's it exactly." she lied. Dick kissed her eyelids as he continued slow, thoughtful strokes.

"I need to get them." she said as he held to her and kissed her breasts. "We will, baby." he soothed, "We will." Matilda lay there listening to Dick, her head swimming with machinations of her mother and how desperately she wished to punish her for everything she had taken away and all the damage she had done in her life. She was miles away from that room, and if Dick asked or said anything, her only response was, "Harder."

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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