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Idolatry Part 5

Story Title: Idolatry Part Five
Summary: Lily seek discipline, Frost's situation worsens, and something suddenly turns up.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 70 chapters are beneath cut!

It rained most of the week, washing the streets down and keeping the city a dark and lonely place. People stayed in the warmth and safety of their homes, and with dark skies above Gotham resembled a ghost town. Lily was busy packing her simple bags, Bruce buried himself in his work while Dick had finals and Matilda stayed in bed almost the entire week. Joker was hard at work planning the new heist with Frost, and Desi filled her evening driving through the silent town with the wind in her hair. It as a dormant period, and a time when all reflected on where they had been, and what was to come.

"No one comes up here." he coaxed, "We'll be completely alone." He helped her up the hill and across the soft earth. "Wow, you can see all of Gotham from up here." she gasped, turning to her boyfriend. "But it's all muddy and wet up here and there's nowhere to sit." The boy shook his bag in demonstration, "I've got it all taken care of." he soothed, "I told you this would be romantic. It's gonna be perfect." He pulled a tarp from the bag and began spreading it out and covering it with a large blanket as the girl continued to look out over Gotham. He turned, extending his hand and pulling her down onto the blanket.

She sighed, laying back as her boyfriend loomed over her and kissed her deeply. "Are we alone out here?" she asked nervously. He ran his hand up her shirt and squeezed her breasts through her bra. "We're alone, baby..." he huffed, "don't worry we're alone." The girl nodded, shifting as she laid on the tarp with him on top of her. "Mike?" She moaned as her nibbled along her neck, "There's something beneath me, it isn't comfortable." Mike pulled his hand from her pants and kissed her nose. "I'll take care of it. Mike is on the trail." he joked. She sat up and he pulled the tarp down, sending her back onto the tarp as he exposed the large form seeping up from the mud. She turned, staring back at the body of Arthur Tidwell as it emerged from under the tarp.

Bruce stood in Lily's empty room quietly, looking around. "She'll be back, Master Bruce." Alfred soothed, walking slowly into the room. Bruce covered his face, his back to Alfred and Alfred sat in the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. "I hope so." Bruce said sickly. He looked to his feet, and Alfred tidied a few stray items along the vanity. "I've always thought of you as a father figure." Bruce said kindly, and Alfred smiled. "I committed my life to the Wayne family, and I've never been disappointed." he beamed, "You and young Master Dick are my legacy, and that makes me very pleased indeed." Bruce smiled, turning to kneel before Alfred. "What should I do Alfred?" Bruce asked, "I never really thought I'd reach the twilight of my life as Batman, but I also can't stop now."

Alfred nodded, "Master Bruce, you can have anything from this life that you choose. But you must decide." Bruce looked up as Alfred asked, "What do you really want?" Bruce thought hard about the question. "I want to pass the mantle on someday to someone who has the same ideals that I worked to uphold." he replied. Bruce wiped his mouth, "I want Lily and I to be the right thing, for both of us." he reasoned. Bruce's eyes trailed down the vanity, settling on a row of ornate glass perfume bottles. "I want to be happy, Alfred. I want to figure out how to be truly happy." Alfred rested a hand on Bruce's shoulder, returning his glance to him. "If you want to look for happiness, then put your trust in those who find you when the ship is sinking. Those people you can always count on," Alfred commented, "They are happiness."

"As for Miss Stormer..." Alfred began, standing, "Everything's eventual, Bruce. When you reach my age, you'll find that sometimes standing very still is essential to understanding the movements of others. Of course, by the time you reach my age, hopefully you and she will have each other to occupy one another." Bruce stood beside Alfred. "You are my oldest and truest friend." he said. Alfred smiled, sighing slowly as he coughed in his handkerchief. "That sounds awful." Bruce commented, turning to him. "Nothing to worry about." Alfred assured, "Just a simple cold." Alfred started for the door, "If you don't mind sir, I believe I will make an evening of it." Bruce nodded, "Absolutely. I hope you feel better." Alfred smiled before disappearing down the hall.

Bruce stood in the dark bedroom alone for several minutes, wondering where Lily might have gone and what she planned. He knew he needed to contact Dick and was curious as to how Matilda's trip had gone, but he lingered in the serenity of Lily's room instead. How will I retire from this? Could I ever retire from this? He fingered the small ring box in his pocket as he contemplated what to do. Who is Bruce Wayne without Batman? How much longer can I go on? Bruce released the velvet box and clutched the doorknob, closing the door as he left and went for the Batcave.

Lily checked into a modest extended stay hotel on the outskirts of Crime Alley, seting her bags on the bed and grabbing her notebook. he unzipped her bag to find a large envelope resting within her luggage. Lily rolled her eyes, wondering if it were Bruce, Alfred, or both that snuck it into her bag. She carried it and her notebook to the small desk and sat down. The television filled the small room with background noise as she opened the envelope and dumped the contents onto the desk. The envelope contained a sealed note on Bruce's stationary, her AMEX black, a small bank book in her name, an instruction sheet, and the numbers for the man she had met at the party. Lily turned each item over, chuckling to herself as she lifted the instruction sheet.

No use in arguing this: You worked for me, and I'm paying you. This account contains your salary for the six months of planning I know you already completed. It's your money, you earned it.

The AMEX is here in case you need it. It was a gift.

The numbers are for the gentleman you met at the party. If you are serious about helping people, this is the guy to contact.

Most importantly, if you should need anything do not hesitate to call me anytime.

All my love, Bruce

Lily stared at the paper for several minutes, unable to stop herself from grinning. She looked over at the sealed stationary, grabbing it and tearing it open. Inside was a sheet of paper that said simply, I miss you already. It smelled of him, and Lily clutched it for a few minutes before grabbing the bank card and heading out to access her unintended wealth and eat dinner. She closed the door and walked along the very street she lived on for most of her life. Each sound and smell bought with it memories, and she felt healthier than she had in a long time.

She crossed the street and stepped up to the ATM, inserting her new bank card and examining its booklet for the PIN. She punched it in quickly, retrieving a quick twenty for her dinner when she noticed the balance. Lily nearly passed out as she saw that Bruce had opened her account with one hundred thousand dollars. "Oh, Bruce." she said aloud, wearily. She took her cash and the card, tucking it into her bra for safekeeping as she continued down the street and into the YWCA. Lily walked up to the information desk ans smiled at the attendant. "Good afternoon." Lily said brightly, "I need information about self defense courses."

Desi sat on the floor, doing her stretching exercises as Frost and the Joker burst into the small building. Desi's legs were nearly behind her head as Joker walked up jovially and Frost set their supplies on the table. "Did you hear the news?" Joker asked happily as Desi rolled forward into a sit. Desi blankly shook her head, and he handed her the paper, letting her read about Arthur Tidwell's gruesome discovery. Desi's eyes met the Joker's as he howled with laughter, lifting her to her feet and pulling her to him. "They had to commit the girl who found him." he laughed, and Desi grinned maniacally. "We do good work." she commented, examining the paper. Joker licked along her neck seductively as she read, "Care to celebrate?" he asked.

Frost snuck glimpses as he unloaded all the supplies and readied the plans. He stared as Desi craned her neck, offering its elegant length to the Joker as she closed her eyes happily. Desi bit her lower lip and slowly opened her mouth as her hair spilled from her shoulders. She threw a knee up onto the desk as he leaned against it, and the Joker ran his hand up her creamy thigh as she shuddered in anticipation. Frost found himself staring, his breathing picking up as he watching her react. Swallowing hard, he clearing his throat and mumbled, "Sir, we have the retirement heist tomorrow and we should get our plans in order." Desi opened her eyes, as if pulled from a beautiful dream.

She and the Joker both stared at him, clearly annoyed. Desi scoffed, "You need to get the new kid laid." she scoffed. The Joker laughed, "I don't cover that." he joked, "Let him pay for his own, like everybody else." Desi licked him, and the Joker held her as he kissed her with surprising passion. "Of course, I could go out right now and set something up for the new kid if it would please the lovely Desdemona." he quipped. Desi stared lustfully at him, "What new kid?" she asked. Joker smiled, "I thought as much." he said confidently. Joker turned to Frost, who immediately looked away from Desi. "Sorry kid." He said, releasing Desi's hand as she began unclasping her busk. "Duty calls." Desi let the corset fall to the ground, unzipping her skirt as she went for the stairs.

She slid past Frost, brushing his crotch as she hit the staircase in her bra and panties. She unhooked her bra, holding her breasts as she giggled and tossed the bra. Joker stood with his back to everyone as he continued to lean against the desk when the bra hit his head, hanging in his hair. He chuckled, shrugging at Frost as her charged after Desi, who ran giggling up the stairs. Frost tried to hide his erection as he past, walking quickly outside and dropping to the ground to do pushups. He sat under the streetlight, trying not to imagine what was going on inside. He stood, brushed off and fished his Walkman before walking back in.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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