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Idolatry Part 6

Story Title: Idolatry Part Six
Summary: Flights, fights, and a lot of released pressure.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 70 chapters are beneath cut!

"B-42!" A zealous candystriper called, looking across the cafeteria. Several elderly people searched their cards as the back doors swung open and a crowd of residents and staff filed in. There were a few screams as Desi shoved them forward, while Frost and the Joker chained the other exits closed. "You will open your oxygen tanks full force!" Desi called loudly, firing into the air once for emphasis. A hissing sound filled the room and Desi skipped happily to the back to meet the boys. An elderly woman covered her Life Alert badge, pressing the emergency button several times and muffling the speaker.

Batman heard the call as it came over the scanner, speeding down the road to the retirement home. Desi and Frost began carrying large tanks into the room, setting up the diffuser as the Joker roamed the crowd, taunting the elderly and staff alike. He grabbed a timid nurse, who screamed as he pulled her to the center of the room. He held her by her neck over the large drum, and Desi smiled viciously as she turned the dial and sprayed the nurse in the face. The Joker locked eyes with Desi, releasing the nurse's neck slowly as she began to chuckle. Desi quickly shut down the dial and stood back with grim satisfaction as the crowd watched the nurse laugh uncontrollably. Many gasped as her face contorted and her laughter echoed in the cafeteria.

Batman appeared as the Joker backed away, grabbing him as swinging as Frost charged him with a crowbar. Batman fought against both of them, punching Frost and sending him down. Desi went to the doors to grab a weapon, ducking as Nightwing charged in. Frost swung at him and he began fighting back when he spied Batman across the room. Furroing his brow, he said aloud "Batman?" as Desi caught him from behind. She wrapped her cord around his neck, pulling with all her might as Batman apprehended the Joker. Nightwing struggles as Desi hopped onto his back, wrestling as she strangled him. Desi eyed Batman as he held the Joker and looked up at her.

"Let him go." she said solemnly. Batman stared at her and Desi grimaced, pulling harshly and sending Nightwing to his knees coughing. Desi looked knowingly at Batman while Joker howled with laughter. Frost stirred, standing and rubbing his head as he walked up behind Desi. Batman released the Joker, who strolled confidently away from Batman and passed the drums of venom confidently. "How's Matilda?" Desi whispered as Nightwing struggled. "Did she have fun with Liam?" She purred in his ear as Joker approached. Joker lifted her to her feet and she released the cord, leaving Nightwing on the floor out of breath.

She trotted out with Frost as Batman rushed Nightwing, and Joker followed suit. Reaching the doors, he turned and detonated the tanks, filling the room with Joker venom as he left chuckling to himself. Batman lifted Nightwing, carrying him to the lobby and laying him down as many of the able-bodied patients ran from the room through the single, unsecured doors. Batman affixed a gas mask, charging into the room and pushing the tanks through to the back of the cafeteria, past several dying patients as Frost, Desi, and the Joker loaded into her car and sped away. Frost drove as Desi and Joker piled in the backseat together laughing.

"What in the Hell did you think you were doing?" Nightwing yelled as he hopped from his bike. Batman walked away from him, saying nothing. "I mean, a little solidarity would be nice." Nightwing continued, "I read the scan, rush out to help and 'Oh, hey Batman'." Batman set a sample of the venom in front of his microscope, "A good thing, too, from the look of you." he said dryly. Nightwing shot him a hateful look. "Talk all you want, I was thrown off. Like you have said a million times, communication is paramount. You can't just go out on a whim and not tell anyone, you need to communicate." Nightwing watched as Bruce stopped, looking down and taking a deep breath. Nightwing sighed, thinking of Matilda and trying to understand what Batman was going through.

"Look, I know you miss her." Nightwing offered, walking up to Batman. "I am glad to see you back out there, just make sure you are ready to take it all back on." Batman turned, staring at him. "You're giving me advice on this? I taught you everything you know, Dick." he asserted, "You were unprepared to go in alone tonight. Where is your partner?" Nightwing swallowed hard, "She's not feeling well." he answered sharply. Batman shok his head at him, "You could have been killed tonight. It was sloppy, uncoordinated, and dangerous." Nightwing scoffed, "I wasn't expecting to run into you. I let my guard down for one second, that's all."

Batman pounded his desk, "That's all it takes!" He shouted, sending bats flying in all directions. "You aren't ready. Maybe the two of you together, but I can't allow you continue alone." Nightwing stammered, "Allow me? What does that mean?" Batman cleared his throat, "It means this is my city, and I am not comfortable sharing it with you. You either need to retire or move on." Nighting stared at him, speechless. "Listen, we got upset. Tonight was a bad night, but let's not do anything extreme." Batman looked away, and Nightwing's tone softened, "You taught me everything. You can't be serious." Batman removed his cowel, looking seriously at Nightwing. "You're not a sidekick anymore. We have different philosophies on this business, I see that now. It's time to move on."

Nightwing looked to the ground, devastated. "How much longer do you think you have?" he asked bitterly. Bruce scoffed, "I don't know." he replied desperately. Nightwing charged toward his bike. "Then for the love of God, marry that woman of yours." he spat, "Before you wind up old and alone down here." He mounted his motorcycle, "Or worse." he called out as he sped away, leaving Bruce in the Batcave.

Frost sat drinking as he looked across at the Joker, who sat in an armchair with Desi stretched across his lap. A sudden melancholy had overtaken the Joker, and he sat silently smoking a cigarette. Every few minutes he'd tilt his head, allowing Desi's lips to brush his as he shotgunned the smoke into her mouth slowly. The Joker then rested his head on Desi's chest as she threw her head back and slowly exhaled the secondhand smoke. "We did ok, baby." she soothed, "I bet we killed most of them." Joker sighed, "The Bat ruins everything." he said simply. Frost's gazed moved between them before he asked, "If you don't mind me asking, why old people?" Desi turned and looked at him directly, and Frost felt immediately uncomfortable. "Just seems kind of random." he commented.

Desi smiled, "Chaos is random." she replied. "Why should they escape just because they're old?" Desi explained, as the Joker licked along her neck, "Everyone deserves it." Desi turned back gratefully to the Joker, who was holding her torso with one hand and smoking with the other. "I don't feel myself tonight." he said dryly. Desi touched his face, nodding her compassionate understanding. "Put on a show for me?" he asked softly. Desi touched her nose to his and smiled. "What kind of show my darling?" she asked eagerly. The Joker chuckled softly. "Something with your hands." he instructed. Desi slipped a hand down the length of his body, massaging his crotch gently as he kissed her roughly. He put the cigarette out on her thigh and Desi moaned, turning to him and squeezing him. "Go upstairs and make yourself comfortable." Desi purred, "I'm going to make you a glass of scotch and I'll be up in a moment to entertain you."

Frost glanced at the curvature of her ass as it peeked from her hiked skirt as she threw her legs up and over him and stood. The Joker said nothing as he passed and took the stairs, and Desi made his drink and straightened her garters before turning to follow him. "Good night, little one." she sang mischievously as she took the stairs, and Frost tried in vain to focus on his sketchbook as he heard Desi slowly pull her zipper and giggle. The Joker sat in the back corner of the room, instructing Desi as she bucked and writhed on the creaky metal-springed mattress. His sadistic laughter mingled in the open space with her moans, and Frost snapped his pencil in strained frustration. As Desi's cries for salvation reached a fever pitch, Frost retreated to the bathroom desperate for release.

Even in the small bathroom, you could clearly hear as she called out, almost singing to entice the Joker. Frost quickly unzipped his pants, standing with his eyes closed as he listened. He began to focus on the many glimpses he had gotten of his less-than-discreet employer as he stroked himself with a sort of nervous aggression. Frost began imagining she was responding to him, grabbing her lotion and varying up his grip as he listened to each moan and howl from above. "That how you like it?" he whispered gruffly, tugging himself tightly and building up friction. From above him, as if to answer, Desi cried "God yes! Just like that!" Frost slowed his pace slightly, focusing on the combination of his vision of her in his head and her voice echoing through the building. "You just needed a younger man." he whispered, fantasizing, "One that can give it to you all night like this."

Frost stopped, ejaculating as Desi cried out. "Baby, I'm coming. I'm coming!" Throwing his head back and taking deep breaths, Frost mumbled, "I'll show you what coming is. I'll wreck that when I get my chance." Frost continued to breathe, enjoying his release without noting the silence in the building. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door which startled him and shook him from his fantasy. "Just a minute." He barked, washing up and checking to ensure he left nothing behind. He opened the door to Desi, who leaned against the wall wrapped in a small towel and nothing else. Frost backed into the door and Desi slid past, turning to close the door. "Do you mind?" she asked calmly, "I kinda need a shower." Frost snapped out of it, backing from the door as Desi smiled and closed it.

"Quite a set of lungs on that one." Joker commented, lighting another cigarette. Frost turned to him, "Guess when you bring your 'A game' then you see results, right boss?" he aid sheepishly. Joker stared at him queerly. "That was all her." he replied, taking a drag, "I just watched." Frost stared confused, "I don't understand. She practically broadcasted when she came. She called you." Frost looked back to the bathroom door, "All that from a stare?" Joker shook his head, "I exhaled along her neck and..." he took another drag, "I blew smoke across her chest. Puts her right over the edge, don't even have to touch her." Frost's mouth fell open and the Joker chuckled smugly, "My 'A game' huh? You got a lot to learn, kid."

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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