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Idolatry Part 8

Story Title: Idolatry Part Eight
Summary: Alcohol never helps to bed one's desires.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 70 chapters are beneath cut!

Frost walked in quietly, looking up as Desi hopped around her room, dressing for the evening. She appeared at the head of the stairs in a perky black and white dress with a balcony top and strapped Mary Jane's. Her hair was was smoothed into tight ringlets, and she looked around brightly for the Joker. Frost let a deep breath slowly escape his open mouth as he stared up at her. "Where's J?" she asked. Frost gripped his keys, "He had to go out on business, but he instructed me to take you out and do whatever you like." Desi's shoulders dropped and she sighed as the information settled. Frost began to knead the keys, "I'm sure I can show you a good time." he offered. Desi turned her head and smiled. "I have been kind of a bitch." she admitted, "Come on, time to teach you how to tie one on." Desi trotted down the steps quickly, "Let's go find something warm to sink your teeth into. What do you have an appetite for?"

Desi continued past him, and Frost swallowed hard. "Yes." He replied simply, following her to the door. The bar was crude and smoky, and with the exception of a few dirty and barely clad prostitutes was filled with the most violent and gruff men in Gotham. Desi opened the doors wide, standing in her Sunday best as she scanned the bar fearlessly. Frost followed, his eyes darting around as he nervously surveyed the men who turned their gaze onto Desi. "Are you sure this is where you want to come?" Frost asked quietly. Desi leaned back into his shoulder, "Are you kidding?" she exclaimed, "Live a little!" A hulking man quickly approached, snatching Desi up quickly. Desi threw her arms around him as he lifted her from the ground and squealed. "Hugo! I haven't seen you in an age, how are you?" Desi crossed her ankles as he swung her, and Frost stared confused.

"Arkham." Hugo replied, setting her down. Desi smoothed her dress quickly, turning to Frost. "Johnny Frost, allow me to introduce you to Hugo Strange." Hugo looked at Frost, unimpressed. "Crane?" he asked. Desi's smile faded, and she shook her head as her eyes clouded slightly. "Does that mean you're available?" Hugo asked enticingly. Desi smiled radiantly, "J and I are..." she gushed, "involved." Hugo's looked at her as he held to her hand. "Again?" he asked playfully. Desi shrugged, rolling her eyes as she giggled mischievously. Hugo nodded knowingly, "I'm going to get you a drink." he replied. As Hugo walked to the bar, Desi went for a table with Frost in tow.

Flopping down on her bar stool, Desi signaled the waitress with both hands, and she returned with twelve shot glasses and a large bottle of Patron. Desi wasted no time setting up the shot glasses and pouring two rows of six before grabbing the salt shaker. "First one to the end wins." Desi said, determined. Frost looked down and back at her quickly. "You want to race?" he stammered, "I can't drink like that." Desi rolled her eyes, "Don't be such a little girl. I'll make it interesting, ok? There must be something you want?" Frost looked at the beaming, playful expression on her face and replied, "Your underwear. Right here in the bar." Desi howled delightfully, "Now we are getting somewhere! Nicely done!"

"If you win?" Frost asked, leaning into the table. "When I win." Desi replied coolly, "I will come up with something deserving, don't you worry." Desi smiled, glancing past him and waving to someone across the room. Her glance returned to Frost and she went for the first shot. They both began throwing back shots, and after the third, Frost winced bitterly before shaking it off in time to see Desi finish the last shot in her row and turn the glass down to the table. Frost slowly lowered his glass as he looked at her. "I win." Desi said as Hugo arrived with her drink. "I'm going to run to the powder room." She informed them as she set her drink down. As Desi disappeared Hugo looked over Frost and walked away smugly. Frost sat looking around at the many people who were watching his table curiously.

Desi crossed the room moments later when she heard him. "Black and White. My two favorite colors." Frost watched as Desi turned and hugged Two-Face warmly. "Harvey how are you?" she said happily. Harvey dodged the question, holding to her elbow. "Do you want to dance?" he asked gruffly. Desi looked at the rough, overcrowded dance floor with an odd sense of confusion. Before she could mention this to Harvey, she noticed the working girl approaching her table and grinned as she grabbed Harvey's hand and went for the dance floor. "So, what is it Harvey? Talk to me." Desi requested sweetly. Harvey sighed, "Gilda's giving me grief. I'm torn, especially since Duella came along. With you and Crane apart, things just seem out of balance." Harvey admitted.

"You Johnny Frost?" The prostitute asked, leaning against the booth. Frost looked over at her before setting his beer down. "Any other time and I'd buy you a drink, doll. Sorry to say, I'm working tonight." The prostitute pushed over, sitting on his knee. "I know." she commented, "Your boss sends her regards." Johnny looked to the dance floor as the prostitute began to stroke his crotch. His gaze fell on Desi, who peeked over Harvey's shoulder as she giggled mischievously. She watched as Frost was led into the back before she returned to Harvey. "Look, I know you don't like the Joker, but he and I are meant to be." Desi explained, "I'm always here for you Harvey. You're a good friend. I'll talk to Gilda, don't worry. Everything will be alright."

Frost stumbled into the back hall, staring through the door as Desi danced with Harvey. "So what do you have in mind?" the prostitute said, leaning into him. Frost swallowed, looking past her. "Something out of the line of sight." he mumbled, "I'm... still working" The prostitute looked out at her and back to him. "I see." she mused, "You know, who cares if she's your boss, you should make a move. Pour on a little liquid courage." Frost continued to look out at Desi as the prostitute shrugged and dropped to her knees. Frost let out a shaky breath, watching Desi leave the floor and converse with several people as the prostitute went down on him. "Maybe a drink or two is the ticket." he mumbled.

Moments later Frost stumbled up to the table. "Feeling better?" Desi chuckled. Frost sat down and went for the tequila. "I think you got off easy that first time, boss lady." he boasted, "What do you say two outta three?" Desi leaned forward, resting her forearms on the table. "I say set them up." she replied, her eyes shining at the challenge. Frost smiled, pouring each shot as his mind ran wild wondering what Desi would be like drunk. A feeling of calm washed over him as he lifted the first shot glass, "To knowing your limits." Frost toasted. Desi tapped her shot to his, "To not having limits." They both threw the shot back before quickly going for another.

"You...can't drink as much as I can." Desi slurred as Frost propped her against the doorway before he inserted the key. "Yeah, you really can put it away." Frost shrugged. He opened the door as Desi slowly slid down the wall. Frost grabbed her, lifting her against him as he pulled her across the threshold. "Damn right. You better now forget it." Desi called out, "Not! Better not forget it." Desi poked him in his chest for emphasis, and Frost closed the door. "Let's get you to bed, huh?" he offered. Frost slowly began to walk Desi up the stairs. "I'm not even tired." Desi continued, "God, it's hot in here!" Frost held her up as she stumbled up the stairs to her bedroom. They stopped at the head of the stairs and Desi leaned against Frost, her nose brushing against his cheek as she turned to him. "It's so hot. Aren't you hot?" she asked.

Frost looked at Desi seriously for several seconds. "Yeah." he muttered. Desi closed her eyes, resting against Frost as her body relaxed. Frost stared down at her, his breathing labored. "Come on boss lady." he choked out, "Time for bed." Desi stumbled forward, collapsing onto the bed and laying motionless. Frost sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes tracing from her billowing skirt down her shapely legs and he reached out to caress her ankles. He stroked slowly down her creamy calves when Desi stirred suddenly. "That tickles." she mumbled, her eyes closed. Frost pulled away startled, "I was just...going to remove your shoes so you could rest." he covered. Frost slowly unclasped the shoes and removed them, rubbing her feet gently. A pained expression overcame him, and he held to the shoe in his lap.

"Oh, don't stop J." Desi pleaded hazily, "You know how crazy that makes me." Frost turned, the shoe falling from his lap as he stared at her. Desi rubbed her head against her pillow and Frost leaned down on his hands to examine her face. "I'm already wet for you." she slurred, grasping his wrist, "See how excited the Joker makes me?" Desi slipped his hand between her legs to her panties and Frost broke out in a cold sweat. " hot does the Joker make you?" Frost asked nervously. Desi moaned softly in response and Frost slipped his hand inside Desi panties and slowly penetrated her. Frost watched Desi respond subtly to his touch and his desire overcame him. Frost threw her dress up, diving between her legs as he pulled at her underwear.

Frost couldn't think. He was torn between the complete panic of being caught and the excitement of being so close to the object of his desire. He removed her panties as he kissed along her inner thigh, his finger making fast work with long even strokes. Desi moaned as her body relaxed, and Frost began to lick slowly along her clit. Frost removed his fingers, sucking her clit gently as he slowly sat up and went for his belt. "By all means" he heard ominously, "Don't let me stop you." Frost stopped cold, looking slowly from under Desi's skirt as the Joker stood at the head of the stairs. "Boss..." Frost said low, "I can explain." Joker grimaced, walking up purposefully and pulling Frost from the bed. Frost flew backward, slamming his back against the wall and slumping to the floor, too afraid to move. Joker then knelt with one knee on the bed, jerking Desi toward him by her forearm.

"Why did you stop?" Desi asked dreamily. Joker stopped short, staring down at her incredulously. Desi licked her lips, struggling to open her eyes. Joker touched her face, trying to ascertain her lucidity and Desi opened her mouth to accept one of his fingers. She sucked it lightly and smiled slowly, and the Joker realized she was completely out of it. He slowly lowered her back onto the bed, pulling his hands away as Desi moaned softly in disappointment. "You take a little nap now lollipop." Joker mumbled with a sinister tone, "While I find out why I started, and why I stopped." Joker tucked Desi in, slowly turning a violent and hateful gaze to Frost. Frost stared up at him, trying to remember to breathe as Joker rendered a look that could freeze beer. "Boss, I had too much to drink." Frost huffed, "I'm sorry." Joker grinned slightly, his eyes unwavering. "That's right." he soothed, gripping the large silver candlestick on the bedside table, "Beg me."

Joker turned quickly, swinging the candlestick and striking Frost across the side of his head. Frost collapsed on the ground as the Joker pounced on him, striking him over and over again. "Tell me how sorry you are." Joker requested jovially, his face specked with blood, "Convince me." Frost turned his head slowly, his face lost in a mass of deep bruises and pouring blood. Joker continued to strike him with all him might, seemingly amused by Frost's rapidly mangled features. "Allow me to give you some gentlemanly advice, for the next time you find yourself in this situation." Joker said smoothly, knocking Frost's teeth out and sending blood flying in all directions.

The Joker stopped, resting his forearms on Frost's chest as Frost gargled slowly. "It's never a good idea to put your hands in another man's toy." Joker watched as Frost struggled for breath with a peaceful calm about him, pleased at the completeness of his destruction. "Oh, were you talking?" Joker ridiculed, "That's right, you can explain, can't you?" Joker leaned very near Frost's mouth as he gargled unsuccessfully. "I'm all ears." He whispered with evil delight. Frost's breathing slowed and the Joker set up, stretching and glancing at the sleeping Desi before dropping the candlestick onto Frost's throat. He smiled wide, wiping his face and smearing the blood across it as he took a deep breath.

"Well, let's get you cleaned up." Joker said, slapping his knees as he rose to his feet. He grabbed Frost by his shirt, pulling his to his feet and throwing him down the stairs. Joker stood squarely at the top of the stairs, cracking his neck as he looked down at Frost's crumpled mass at the foot of the stairs. "You still have to face Desdemona, after all." Joker commented, chuckling. He walked limply down the steps, his sinister laugh echoing in the the open space. There was a grunt as he lifted him, a mild whimper from Frost, and then silence.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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