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Idolatry Part 10

Story Title: Idolatry Part Ten
Summary: That is the purpose of life. It ends.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 80 chapters are beneath cut!

Matilda packed the last of her dishes, closing the box and securing it with tape. "I got another one!" she called down the hall as Dick walked into the room. "So, the bedroom is finished and it looks like we'll only need a few more boxes for the kitchen." Dick explained as he entered the kitchen. He sneaked a kiss as he lifted the newly packed box. "At this rate we'll be able to move by the end of the week." Matilda looked around the room and sighed as he carried the box away. "Wait, if you packed the bedroom where will we sleep?" she asked. "Relax," Dick replied as he fished his ringing phone, "we can crash at the dorms. I worked all that out." Dick answered the phone, listening as he turned back to Matilda. He stopped cold, his shoulders dropping as he heard the news.

Matilda stopped and left the kitchen, walking over to him curiously as he finished the call and closed the phone. "What's wrong?" She asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. "That was Bruce. Alfred has died." Dick said simply. Matilda's eyes grew wide and she hugged to Dick, who just stood there in shock. "There is a service today, and they plan to scatter his ashes." Dick said flatly, "So we should go." Matilda patted his head gently, "Of course we will. He was a dear man." She pulled back to examine Dick, "Are you ok?" she asked. Dick pursed his lips, looking past Matilda as he focused. "I hadn't told Bruce we are leaving. We haven't spoken at all since that night, and now isn't the time."

Matilda nodded, "Then we won't say anything. Don't worry, if it's one thing we have plenty of, it's time." Dick nodded, and they both stood there in the empty room quietly. "Well, I need a shower." Dick announced. Matilda smiled, "Well I better assist you. You could slip and fall or be injured by a renegade shampoo bottle." Dick scoffed, "That's my woman." he commented, "Always on alert to protect the average citizen." Matilda laughed, "Ok, smart ass. Go it alone then, see if I care." Dick looked thoughtfully at Matilda, "I can't imagine how Bruce must be feeling." he admitted, "Do you think we should call Lily?" Matilda thought for a moment. "I'll do it, go ahead and get ready. I'll join you in a moment." Dick kissed her cheek and started down the hall as Matilda went to the counter for her phone.

"Oh, I heard." Lily said, searching the fridge. "Yeah, Bruce and I...reconnected." Lily giggled, gliding around the kitchen in Bruce's shirt as she put breakfast together. "Thanks, I'm really happy too." Lily laid everything on the tray, trying to be as neat as possible. "Listen, I'm going to try and get Bruce to eat something. Talk to you later? Ok, thanks." Lily closed the phone, carrying the tray to the parlor as she noticed Bruce sitting alone in Alfred's room. Lily stopped, setting the tray outside the door before creeping in. Bruce stared out, not acknowledging her. "That's my shirt, I think." he mumbled. Lily stopped at his shoulder. "Yes, and you can't have it back." she teased. Bruce responded by unbuttoning the bottom of the shirt, kissing her stomach softly.

Lily ran a hand through his hair. "I made some breakfast." she offered, "You should eat something." Bruce rested against her stomach and sighed. "It's just some yogurt and granola, with fruit and coffee." Lily continued. Bruce sighed a second time, and Lily heard the faintest sob escape him. "I miss him so much." he whispered, squeezing Lily. Lily scratched the back of his head lightly. "I know you do. I know it's hard, but I'm here for you." Lily took a deep breath, "Maybe that's what life is Bruce. A series of people who come into our life for a time to teach us things. If we're lucky, we hold to a few of them for as long as we can." Bruce looked up at her face and she wiped his moist eyes. "Tell you what, take your time. I'll be in the parlor when you're ready." Lily kissed his forehead and left him in the quiet of the room.

The service was a quiet one, but many showed to pay their respects. Bruce sat silent in the front row with Lily, and though Dick and Matilda joined them they failed to speak throughout the service or the scattering. Lily sat amazed at the dozens of people, many in the service industry, who came and spoke warmly of their experiences with Alfred. Bruce stood silent, whispering into the canister momentarily before sprinkling Alfred's ashes across the rose bushes he favored in the garden. Bruce then stood watch for a solid minute before walking past the three of them and into the house. He said nothing to anyone. Lily spoke kindly to Matilda and Dick, explaining that Bruce hadn't even gone out as Batman the past few days. Dick and Matilda gave their condolences and left, and Lily looked out over the water before returning to the house.

"Bruce?" Lily called as she passed through the mud room. Bruce stood in the kitchen, packing a large basket. He had already removed his coat and tie, and rolled his sleeves past the elbow. "Let's have a picnic." Bruce said brightly. Lily stared at him, confused. "It's the middle of the afternoon. We won't have much time before dusk." She stepped closer to him, and Bruce looked up. "It's ok, we'll have time." Bruce continued to pack, "But, go change." Lily looked down at her simple dress. Bruce smiled, "Anything but black." Lily touched his arm comfortingly, and Bruce grabbed her suddenly and kissed her passionately. Lily was taken aback by the force with which Bruce embraced her, and nearly swooned as he tenderly massaged his tongue against hers. He broke the kiss and ushered his bewildered love toward her room to change. Lily stumbled away, licking her lips as if in a daze.

Lily came down the stairs moments later in a soft yellow halter dress with beige accents. She left the stairs barefoot and met Bruce at the back door. He lead her to the garden, where Lily gasped as she spied an area of the garden which seemed sad and forgotten. "Let's go there." she pleaded. Bruce made a queer face. "There? It's all overgrown. The cave is under that." Lily trotted across the lawn, sinking into the overgrowth and disappearing from sight. "See?" She called up as Bruce walked up looking down. "We can lie down here and no one would know where we were." Lily whispered playfully, "It's perfect." Bruce smiled, fluffing the quilt and opening the basket. Lily lay back onto the blanket and stared up at the sky. Bruce loomed over her, hovering in her field of vision. "You are beautiful." he said sweetly. Lily smiled, "Beauty fades, Bruce. Give me a real compliment." Lily chuckled nervously, and Bruce stroked her hair.

"Marry me." Bruce said seriously. Lily blinked a few times rapidly, sitting up to face him. "But you-" she stammered, "We jus-" Lily looked at her hand as Bruce took it in his and she held back tears. "Bruce, are you sure? Do you think, maybe, you're asking because you don't want to be alone?" Bruce's eyes never left hers as he tucked the ring box into her hand. "No." he responded seriously. Lily clutched the box, staring back at Bruce. "Would you care if that's what it was?" he asked. He touched her cheek and Lily grinned. "No." she replied. "This was Alfred smacking sense into me you know." Bruce admitted, "He made me promise." Lily kissed Bruce, holding his cheek gently. "Good old Alfred." she said sweetly. "I love that you still made this romantic, even though on a day like today it should have been all about you." Bruce touched his forehead to hers. "I love that you haven't even glanced at that ring yet." Lily closed her eyes tightly. "Yes I'll marry you." she whispered.

Bruce took her face in his hands and tears fell from her eyes. "You want to marry me." Lily giggled. Bruce smiled, "I'm going to marry you. Now, open the ring." Lily nervously flipped the box open and looked down. "Jesus Christ!" she exclaimed, "Did you mortgage the house?" Bruce scoffed, slipping the ring onto her petite finger. "Be quiet, I'll take grief for every other piece of jewelry I buy you but this one gets to be flashy." Bruce lifted Lily in his arms, abandoning the picnic and carrying her into the house. As the sky above them darkened, the rose bushes outside Alfred's bedroom wind rustled in the wind.

"You heard Lily." Dick explained, "Bruce isn't going out tonight, and the climate is too high for no one to be out." Matilda watched him lay out his supplies and grew uneasy. "Ok, but I'm going out with you." she countered, "I just hope Batman isn't upset by this." Matilda went for her costume, working slowly. "Listen, we'll be out of here in one week." Dick explained, "Then all of this will be behind us." Matilda closed her eyes and took a deep breath, nodding. "You're right. Let's get ready." Matilda kissed his cheek and got ready. They suited up and went for the door together. "Good luck out there tonight." Dick offered. "Yeah," Matilda replied, "Luck to you, too."

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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