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Idolatry Part 11

Story Title: Idolatry Part Eleven
Summary: In the end, aren't all stories good vs. evil?
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 80 chapters are beneath cut!

Bruce buried his face in Lily's hair, nuzzling the nape of her neck. Lily smiled, her eyes still closed to the early morning light. She hummed sweetly, reaching back to touch him as he kissed along her shoulders and back. They said nothing, content in the silence as Bruce began to knead Lily's nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He slipped his arm under her, hugging her to him as he sank low and gently slipped into her as they spooned. Lily moaned softly, grasping his hand and kissing it several times. Bruce stroked down her body and began to massage her clit gently. The response was immediate, and Lily threw her head back as Bruce kissed along her neck. Lily made an almost pained face, licking her lips as whimpers freely escaped her mouth. Bruce continued his metronomic thrusts deeply into her as Lily wrapped her leg around his.

Bruce began to huff, groaning as he squeezed Lily. Lily looked back to watch Bruce's reaction. "That feel nice dear?" she coached. Bruce looked up at her and kissed her hungrily, slowing his pace and relaxing his grip. He held to her face and rubbed her nose as he shifted to kiss her again. Their kiss was interrupted, however, when a blood curdling scream echoed through Wayne Manor. Bruce pulled from Lily's kiss and stared at her. "Was that Matilda?" Lily asked puzzled. Bruce looked around for a moment before pulling from Lily and turning to the edge of the bed. As he replaced his boxer briefs they heard again, "Bruce!" as it echoed throughout the house. He and Lily shared an ominous look before he ran from the room, leaving Lily to dress.

Lily reached the head of the stairs and looked down. Bruce looked up at her as he rested a hand on Matilda's shoulder for stability. His expression was morose, and Lily immediately started down the steps to them. She stopped cold as she recognized all the blood and damage on her suit. "Lily, take Matilda upstairs and help her clean up and dress these wounds." Bruce instructed, "I'm going to take care of Dick." Lily nodded, frightened as she took Matilda's arm and pulled her along to her bath. Matilda was nearly catatonic, her tears flowing freely but seemingly unresponsive as Lily undressed her and filled the bath. Matilda sat there watching the water turn pink as Lily poured the warm water over her hair. "Wherever it is," Lily soothed, "We'll set it right. Bruce can fix it." Matilda looked at her as Lily smiled encouragingly, but the previous night plagued her. She clutched her knees, remembering.

. . .

There was an explosion which rippled through town and lit up the sky in south Gotham. Desi and the Joker reclined on Chaise lounges in the town square. "Let's see..." Desi reasoned, "With the size of the explosive and the brightness...the planetarium?" she guessed. Joker smiled, tapping the end of his nose. Desi squealed, hopping up and grabbing one of her detonators. "You are a genius. Going out tonight was a great idea." she said. Desi reclined, pressing the detonator. Seconds later, something blew behind them. Desi grinned as the Joker looked directly at her. He studied her for several moments before replying flatly, "Your old nightclub." Joker returned to his position without waiting for confirmation and Desi threw the detonator down in defeat. "How do you do that?" she demanded. The Joker pressed the next detonator. "I cheat." he replied coolly.

"The explosions are coming from all directions." Nightwing explained, "They must be in a central location somewhere." Matilda nodded, "Let's start in town square." she suggested. They agreed, speeding off into the night. Meanwhile, in town square Desi sat sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella straw. "Are you positive they are coming?" Joker asked. Desi swallowed, "No bet. Those two aren't going to pass on a day the bat isn't out, and with Jeeves kicking off I bet here's at home blowing his nose with $100 dollar bills or whatever it is that morose fuck does." The Joker chuckled t the image and Desi continued, "Why do you think we are in the town square? I wanted a nice slow pitch for the kids." Joker nodded, "You gonna kill her tonight?"

Desi pursed her lips, "Thinking about it, if I can't come up with better." Desi sat pensive for a moment, "You're right, we do become less afraid don't we?" She scoffed, "I thought I was fearless with Crane. That was twenty years ago." Joker looked down the street. "No time for deep thought now." he warned, "Here they come." Desi stood, throwing the glass behind and listening for the break as Nightwing and Matilda pulled to a stop. "I get Matilda." The Joker commented. Desi turned in protest, "Oh no you don't! I birthed her, I breastfed her, I get to beat her ass." Joker held his stare as they both made fists. In unison, they chanted, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" Desi roared with laughter as the Joker dropped his scissors in defeat.

Nightwing wasted no time, sweeping in to tackle the Joker as Matilda went for Desi. Matilda swung, all business as she landed several blows, sending Desi backward. Desi laughed, bouncing as she snatched Matilda by the hair and began punching her in the face. Matilda kicked Desi square in the stomach and she went to the ground in a huff. "Don't flatter yourself." Desi huffed, "Your father is rougher when we fuck." She looked up confidently at Matilda. "Cut the bullshit Desdemona." Matilda snapped, "Stand up and let's go." Desi wiped her face, laughing maliciously. "Should've known you weren't woman enough to finish this." she sneered. Desi rolled onto her knees and lowered her hands, "Come on! After all I've done to you? To your stepfather?" Desi's eyes narrowed, "Liam screamed like a little girl when I cut his tongue out." Matilda hit Desi hard across the face. "Knock it off!" she shouted.

"Then kill me." Desi said low. Matilda stared at her, making tight fists as she fought her growing urge. "You know you want to." Desi taunted, "It's in your blood. Kill me or I'll only hurt you again." Matilda took another step toward her and stopped. "No." she said defiantly, "Now get up and fight." Desi spit onto the sidewalk, releasing a knife she had hidden inside her sleeve. Without warning, she took a deep swipe at Matilda. "You make me sick." Desi spat as Matilda clutched her bleeding torso. "A crime fighter who can't kill the bad guy. How pathetic is that?" she continued. Desi stood, brushing her knees and kicking out Matilda's knee. As Matilda stumbled Desi grabbed her shoulders and head butted her with all her might. Matilda collapsed, and Desi leaned down to her ear.

Resting the knife at her throat, whispered softly, "I am gonna burn everything in your life." Desi kissed her temple before standing over her and kicking her once for measure. Nightwing looked over during his tussle, seeing Desi above Matilda with a knife. He broke from the Joker, tackling Desi away from Matilda and scrambling over to check on her. Desi backed away, storming over to the Joker. "You ready to get out of here?" The Joker asked jovially, "Places to go, things to destroy." Desi paced by him, "Yeah, give me the big gun." she said curtly. Joker stopped, and turned to her. "The big gun or the big gun?" he asked. Desi's slumped over, "The big gun, and hurry up!"

"Yeah, yeah..." The Joker grumbled, rifling through his bag. "This gun is bigger than you are." The Joker lifted, producing an Armalite AR-30 and handing it over. Desi checked the sight and closed an eye. Nightwing lightly slapped Matilda's cheek as she came around. "Are you ok?" he asked. Matilda moved her arm and blood dripped onto the sidewalk. "That looks deep. Can you walk?" he asked. Matilda groaned, nodding. "Yeah. I just have to get up." Nightwing stood, bending to help her up. They were oblivious to Desi across the square. Desi double checked her sight, "And this is how..." she aid softly, "you best a killing." Desi pulled the trigger and as Nightwing lifted Matilda the back of his head burst open. He slumped forward and Matilda was coated with his blood and brain.

"Direct hit!" Joker howled as Desi slowly lowered the gun. They watched as Matilda clung to the body, checking for any sign of life and crying out in agony. Desi's face hardened and she shouted across the square as she handed the gun back to the Joker. "You should've killed me." Desi shouted before turning and following the Joker out of sight. Matilda looked down at Nightwing's mask, slowly removing his mask and clutching his lifeless body. She carried him slowly to his bike and went for her phone. "Jim?" Matilda sobbed, "I need help. Nightwing is..." Matilda listened for a moment as Gordon assured her of discretion. She nodded, giving her location and closing the phone before holding the body and sliding to the ground.

. . .

Bruce held the phone as he paced, listening to Gordon explain what occured the night before. Bruce let Gordon go over every detail without interruption before making arrangements for the body. He thanked the Commissioner and set the phone down, pounding his desk with the phone until it shattered. He gripped the desk, taking deep breaths to steady himself as he let the information settle in. "Alfred where are you?" he asked aloud. He looked around the Batcave and rubbed his face, unsure of what to do. He stood, mouth covered for several minutes before walking to Dick's dressing area and dimming the lights.

Matilda just sat in the bath, staring out. "I'm sure Bruce will make it ok." Lily assured. Matilda cut her glance to Lily, biting her knee. She looked forlorn, and as Lily lathered her hair she sad emptily, "No. He won't." Lily stopped and bit her lip as she listened. "Nothing will ever be ok, ever again." she mumbled, her voice breaking. "She was right, I should have killed her." Lily poured water over her hair, sending the lather down her back and as she loomed over Matilda grabbed her and began sobbing. "I could've stopped her and I didn't." she cried out desperately, "Why didn't I kill her when I had the chance?" Lily patted her head, unsure of what to say. Bruce walked to the door, fresh tears in his eyes and Lily met his gaze as she held Matilda's head to her chest.

They stood in the silence, staring at each other. They both longed for the comfort of the other, but they both knew their places in this were far from each other. Lily patted Matilda's head, realizing how relieved she was to be on the giving end of such comforts. Bruce watched Matilda weep, realizing exactly what she has asked Lily to sign up for. He took a step into the room and Lily sadly began to shake her head. Bruce extended his hands in understood capitulation as he stopped. He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly as Lily went for a towel. 'I have to go.' Bruce mouthed silently. Lily nodded, watching the love of her life as he turned and vanished from sight.

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc
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