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The Final Desdemona Story, Chapter One

Story Title: Non Compos Mentus Part One
Summary: They say she's the same but she isn't the same...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Some of these characters aren't mine. I just play with them sometimes.
Author Notes: This one is dedicated to my muse, jokerluv and to all the people who have been reading over the months. Thank you so very much!

It was all routine for them. Stand straight. Turn to the left. Now to the right. Fingerprints. Psych eval and remand to the care of Arkham Asylum. The ink-stained duo were loaded into a transport and driven to the narrows to be incarcerated. Desi extended her leg, stretching to massage the Joker gently on the ride over. He looked at her with piercing, dark eyes and Desi smiled reassuringly. "The things we're gonna do to her..." Desi spat. The Joker looked at the floor, listening to Desi chuckle hatefully. "Nothing." he commented low. Desi stopped laughing and turned to him. "We're not going to do anything to her." he continued, "She won this round. To do anything now would be petulant."

The Joker grabbed her bare foot from his crotch, squeezing her foot in her rough hands. "We are many things Desdemona, but we are most definitely not petulant children." Joker pulled her foot, sliding her down the bench and against the chained restraints. Desi flinched, trying to adjust as the Joker kneaded her foot slowly. Desi closed her eyes, nodding as he continued. "Now is the time to reflect on what we have done, what's to come, and the mistakes that you made." Desi opened an eye, "Mistakes that I..." she protested, stopping as the Joker squeezed the arch of her foot. The bus stopped, opening as two guards climbed in and separated them. They were pulled into separate intake rooms, and set before tables to await consultation.

Matilda arrived at Arkham in a fluster, and was shown to the director's office. "Good evening Miss Crane." The director said warmly, standing and extending his hand. Matilda shook it firmly, "What am I doing here?" she replied, her tone firm. Matilda paced slowly, her defenses up as she waited for an explanation. "Well, you are the known relative of record for your mother. As she is non compos mentus, she will become your ward upon commitment." Matilda threw her hands up, "Well, I am not interested. You can keep her here forever for all I care. I'm not going to speak with her and I don't care what kind of therapy she needs." The director lifted an eyebrow as he watched her pace. "Well, if you'd be willing to sign a few releases, we can begin treating her immediately." Matilda looked over the paperwork he set on the desk. "What about the Joker?" she asked. The director leaned back in his chair, "The state has... other opinions about his treatment." he explained. Matilda looked as him for a few second before silently uncapping his pen and quickly signing each piece of paper. She finished, replacing the cap and setting the pen onto the papers.

"Thank you, Miss Crane." he said, looking them over. "With a little work, your mother should be on the road to recovery soon." Matilda scoffed loudly, and the director looked up at her. "Take it from me, Doc." she responded, "The only treatment that will do her any good is to lock her in tightly. The only person who even came close to keeping her sane was..." Matilda cleared her throat, "More of a doctor to her that this place can offer. No offense." The director leaned back, "You know, I studied under Dr. Crane." Matilda smiled, "Pity what you picked up." Matilda turned to leave without saying goodbye. "Miss Crane? I don't have a contact number and I can't call Jim Gordon all the time." Matilda stopped, her back to him, "And?" she said, recumbent. The Doctor rolled his eyes, "Where should I call if I need to contact you concerning your mother?" Matilda turned and looked at him coldly, "Oh, you won't." she replied. She turned, and walked out the door without further comment.

"I would like a Kosher meal please," Desi said brightly, "and a window seat." The doctor closed the file, breathing deep as Desi drummed along the table. Desi stared up at the ceiling, tugging at the end of her hospital gown. "Come on, this isn't our first rodeo. I'm crazy, you remand, I go have dinner. So let's go." Desi explained, "Besides, I need to see J before lights out." The doctor looked up with a slight smile and announced, "I'm afraid you won't be seeing The Joker for some time. Your treatment is taking a different direction." Desi did a double take, twitching as she protested. "What do you mean, I won't be seeing J?" she demanded. The doctor continued to write in her file silently. "I need him." Desi said, leaning in to appeal to the doctor. The doctor ceased his writing, "You need treatment." he countered. Desi began to sweat, looking around the room before she turned back to the doctor desperately.

"You'll see, with our help you'll be able to break this unhealthy dependency on your partner." The doctor offered. Desi gasped for air, clutching her chest in panic. "I...I need to be near him." Desi choked out, trying to breathe. The doctor rounded the table, rushing Desi as she wilted. "You're having a panic attack." he informed her, "You need to relax." He lifted her head and Desi sprang to life, wrapping her handcuffs around his throat and choking. "Are you listening?" she spat, "I don't want to get better. I need to be near him. Everyone will suffer if I'm not." Desi pulled back, choking the doctor with her cuffs. "I need him." she repeated over and over into his ear as she pulled. The door opened and several orderlies rushed in, swarming Desi and fighting her grip. They administered a shot and she relented, releasing the doctor. As the doctor collapsed to the ground, Desi was carried over and strapped down. "I want the Joker!" she wailed, glazing over, "We need to... be... together."

The front door opened and Lily stared out. Standing on the steps quietly was Matilda, shrinking in Dick's coat. A single suitcase at her feet. Matilda smiled as she looked at Lily, and opened her mouth to say something when Lily quickly took Matilda in her arms and squeezed her. "I'm just so glad you're home." Lily confided, and for the first time in her entire life Matilda felt completely accepted by another human being. Lily pulled from her, rubbing her arms comfortingly. Matilda glanced down, her eye catching the ring on Lily's finger. She pulled Lily's hand and her face exploded as exclaimed, "Oh my God! Lily, oh my God!" Lily giggled, "I know! Come in, I have a million things you can help me plan." Lily grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house. "You will not believe it." Lily explained happily, "Even with all the incredible notes Alfred left, I am just drowning in the cake, the dress, the flowers, the catering. I will so need your help."

Matilda walked into the parlor where Lily had stacks of fabric samples and color swatches scattered across the floor. "Sounds like fun." she offered, shaking her head at the pile. Bruce walked in, carrying two large boxes which obstructed his face. "Here's the rest of it." he announced, setting boxes on the coffee table. He turned to Matilda, bringing a hand to her shoulder and smiling. "Lily, I have some business to discuss. Mind if I steal Bruce for a few minutes?" Matilda chimed. Lily failed to look up from the stack, sorting the fabrics. "Sure, you go ahead." she mumbled. Bruce looked down at her, "Maybe we should elope." he joked. Lily looked up slowly, her expression manic. "What did you just say to me?" she jokingly demanded. Bruce hid behind Matilda, peeking over her shoulder. "Well, we're gonna go handle business then." Bruce said, pulling a laughing Matilda with him, "Check on you later, Honey." Lily shook her head, returning to her planning.

Bats circled in the dark recesses of the Batcave as Bruce stood listening to Matilda. Matilda in turn paced, her arms crossed as she vented her frustrations. "They wanted to make her my ward." Matilda said, "They called me in and had me sign several forms, and I dunno Bruce. What if they want me to go to counseling or something?" Matilda looked at him with a sort of sickened expression, and Bruce blinked a few times. "Would that really be so bad?" he countered. Matilda tapped her foot in frustration. "I can't believe you're asking me that." she responded, "After what she did to Dick, after everything she has done I simply cannot believe she is capable of wellness." Matilda kneaded her feet against the stone floor of the cave. "I don't want to believe she'll get better." Bruce walked over and rested his hands on her shoulders, "I don't want to be part of that process either. Not now." Matilda looked as though she might cry, and Bruce squeezed her shoulder gently. "You've had a rough day. This business can wait. Why don't you go upstairs, take a hot bath and get a good night's sleep. You'll find that it will all look better in the morning."

Matilda sniffed, "I know what you're up to. You're just sending me up on wedding patrol." She smiled, and Bruce looked up sheepishly. "Maybe." he admitted, "I am just no good at planning this stuff and it's so important to her." Matilda rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah bossman. I'm on it." He grinned, and Matilda hugged him suddenly. "You're a good friend." she mumbled. Bruce patted her on her head, unsure how to console her in her obvious grief. "Well, enough of that." she announced, pulling away, "Don't fall off a building or anything." Bruce laughed aloud, turning to prepare himself. "Don't pick out anything pastel." he added with a shiver. Matilda lit up, "So you do care!" she accused. Bruce swiveled as he walked away, shrugging as he turned to her. Matilda started up the stairs, laughing to herself as he disappeared to suit up.

The director of Arkham reclined in his chair, sitting in the minimally lit office with his phone pressed to his ear. "Well, she's here right now. I took the liberty of separating her from the Joker." The director listened as the caller responded, "Well, thank you sir, and don't worry. I have plans for Desdemona Crane, and I think you'll find yourself very pleased with the results." The director sat up, scribbling dollar signs into his datebook with a malevolent smile, "Oh, you made your intentions quite clear, and I will make this my utmost concern. Trust me, Desdemona's days of running wild are over." The director listened as he took final notes, discussing his fee for 'handling Desdemona' before ending the call and hanging up the phone. He sat smiling as he looked over the arrangements, visions of dollar signs dancing in his head. He opened Desdemona's file, looking over details as he sipped his scotch slowly. "Easiest money ever made." he mumbled to himself, tapping her mugshot with his pen.

"Nurse Abbot, please pull the day plans on Desdemona Crane." The director said, pressing the intercom. There was a tone, and Abbot replied, "She's in solitary confinement for the next 48 hours." He smiled and pressed the button, "Cancel that." he informed, "Put her down for an initial course of insulin therapy." The director's eyes shined as he concluded, "In fact, update her schedule. From now on, Mrs. Crane will be receiving insulin shocks three times a week. She can then be remanded to solitary confinement where she will remain." He released the button and finished his scotch as the nurse replied, "For how long, Doctor?" The doctor closed her file as he responded, "Indefinitely."

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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