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The Final Desdemona Story, Chapter Two

Story Title: Non Compos Mentus Part Two
Summary: Even when youre going through Hell, well keep going.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Some of these characters aren't mine. I just play with them sometimes.
Author Notes: This one is dedicated to my muse, jokerluv and to all the people who have been reading over the months. Thank you so very much!

Bruce walked through the hall to the staircase, stopping as his eye caught a glimpse of the parlor. He turned and stepped into the doorway to find Lily still hunched over papers and comparing notes. She had several pencils pinned in her hair and another in her mouth. "It's four in the morning." Bruce said softly. Lily looked up, dropping the pencil from her mouth. "Is it?" she asked, hindering a yawn. Bruce smiled, nodding as he swaggered in. He squatted before her as she sat on the floor and looked at all the papers. "I am glad to see you so excited, you need your rest. It doesn't have to be perfect you know." he commented. Lily rolled her neck, pulling pencils from her hair and letting it fall along her shoulders. "Yes it does. Everything must be perfect." she countered, "I so want this day to be special. For us. I want you to be proud, and your friends to be impressed."

Bruce touched her face kindly. "Those people don't interest me, and whatever wedding includes you will make me the proudest man of the day." Lily yawned again, her entire face screwed up as he continued. "It's your day, Lily. Have it, and anything that you want on it. So long as it ends with you and me." Lily smiled, tugging on his sweat pants as they bunched at the knee. "Take me to bed." she requested. Bruce took her hand and pulled her to her feet. "So, pick anything for certain yet?" he asked. Lily stumbled along to the staircase, followed by Bruce. "Well...I have almost picked out an invitation." she admitted. Bruce rolled his eyes, "Great. That reminds me, Vera Wang is going to send some sketches for the dress and Vogue wants to photograph you in it." Lily shrugged, "Guess it comes with the territory, huh?" Bruce nodded behind her, his expression light.

"It's not all bad." Bruce commented, "They'll get some great photographer and when you're older you'll have proof of your loveliness." Lily giggled as she turned into the bedroom, "Hadn't you heard?" she asked, pulling him in and running her hands up his chest, "I don't plan to grow old." Bruce brush her hair away her shoulder, kissing her along her clavicle. "Reconsider it, for my sake?" he quietly pleaded. Lily moaned softly, lifting his chin to gaze into his eyes. "Is Matilda alright?" he asked. Lily closed her eyes and smiled, nodding. "Was it bad out tonight?" she asked. Bruce drew his fingers down over her lips and shook his head, leaning in to kiss her. He nested his fingers into her hair and she held to his shoulders. "We better rest for tomorrow." Lily said, disappointed. Bruce sighed, "It is tomorrow." he countered, pushing the door closed with his foot.

Desi stirred, struggling against her restraints. She groaned, trying desperately to salve her dry mouth. The door opened and Nurse Abbot entered with a small tray and prepped a shot. "I don't want another sedative." Desi grumbled, "When do I get out of here?" Abbot swabbed her arm, and Desi writhed in protest. "When am I going to session?" she asked, her tone softening, "And please don't put me under. Just tell me." Desi sighed, "I'm not going to attack an old woman." Abbot refocused on her arm, administering the shot. "It's just a booster shot. As soon as we get this taken care of you can see the doctor and your treatment will begin." Desi sighed, relaxing against the bed. Abbot placed a bandage over the shot and sat beside the bed. Desi looked over at her, intrigued. Abbot checked her watch, saying nothing. "Are we waiting for the doctor or something?" Desi asked.

A hot flash struck Desi, and she took a deep breath. "That stuff is no joke." she huffed. Abbot stood, shining a light into Desi's eyes. Desi flinched, staring up as her mood turned. She began to sweat and twitched again. "What did you give me?" she demanded. Abbot clutched her jaw as she twitched a second time, inserting two wrapped tongue depressors between her teeth. "What are you doing to.." Desi cried out, cut off as her jaw clenched and she bit down onto the depressors. Abbot released her jaw and Desi's head fell to the side, saliva pooling as it drained from her mouth. It increasing waves, Desi's body went rigid and seized. She moaned painfully and Abbot watched her as she convulsed. Tears streamed from Desi's eyes as her hands twisted and became stiff. "Shh, now." Abbot said, rubbing her forehead, "It's only worse when you fight it."

Desi lost complete control of herself, thrashing wildly about without direction. She groaned softly as her feet turned in on themselves and her stare glazed over and became distant. Two orderlies entered the room and stood with Nurse Abbot as Desi's seizure slowed to a stop. Her eyes faded and she twitched sporadically as Abbot checked her pulse and opened her eyes to check her pupils. "Alright boys." Abbot instructed, "Mrs. Crane here will be in a mild coma for the next few hours. Move her back to solitary and give her that pesky mandatory release time while she's unconscious. Also, set up an IV. She's on a liquid diet until further notice." Abbot circled her treatment log, leaning over Desi as she slipped from consciousness. "To your health." she sneered.

The two orderlies wheeled Desi down the hall to solitary. She groaned softly, her stiff body aching as she laid draw up in the center of the cot. Saliva leaked slowly from her mouth and adhered her cheek to the bed. The orderlies pulled the bed into solitary and began unbuckling her restraints. The head orderly pulled the depressors from Desi's mouth and they lifted her stiff form and tossed her onto the bed in solitary. Desi landed with a small bounce and rolled into the fetal position, her face pressed to the mattress. She remained unconscious as the orderlies removed the cot and left her there in the dark. "I thought they stopped doing insulin shock." the second orderly said. They turned don the hall and continued to the basement. "They have officially." the first orderly replied, "It's dangerous." The second orderly looked puzzled. "If it's dangerous, why are we doing it?" The first orderly stopped and turned to him. "Are you actually defending that crazy bitch?" he chided. The second orderly shook his head immediately, and turned back to continue down the hall.

Joker marched around general population proudly. He looked around at the new crop of detainees as they sat around the table playing poker and smiled maliciously. "Afternoon boys." He sang, grabbing a chair and straddling it to watch the game. Several of the young criminals looked to each other and back at him. "Relax." he soothed jovially, "We're all friends here." He tapped the table and signaled to the leader. "Where's that fine piece of ass you're always running with?" the leader asked. Joker smiled, examining the cards of the neighboring hand. "Solitary." he bragged, "She's sometimes too spirited for her own good." Joker laughed and the oldest of the card players sniffed loudly. "I miss that other broad you had. She was a dish. Ass so beautiful, it was a shame she sat down on it." The dealer scoffed, "Like you had a crack at that Malone." Several at the table laughed ans the Joker stared across the table at the older gentleman.

"Damn, Mr. Joker, how do you do it?" a younger player asked. Joker pulled two cards from another player's hand and snapped his fingers for replacement. "Talent." he replied coolly. The player look up annoyed, as Joker replaced the cards. "So Desdemona Crane is just another Harley Quinn?" the older man asked. Joker looked up from the cards, his stare cold. "Hardly." he said simply. His tone rang out across the table, ending the subject among the players. The Joker finished the man's hand, slapping him on the back in congratulations. He then sat back, watching the other men finish the hand as he studied each man's idiosyncrasies. As the tampered hand won, the Joker smiled smugly at the older gentleman before standing and looming over the table. "I'm putting together a crew." he whispered, "My business isn't even going to slow down in here."

Several at the table smiled, looking up at him. "About time." the dealer said, "How can we help?" The Joker looked over each one with light in his eyes. "I'll be in touch. I got...plans to make." The players looked at each other, their excitement obvious. The Joker sat up, his eyes lingering disdainfully on the older man. "See what I mean?" He said smugly, turning to walk away, "Talent." The Joker walked away briskly, his head filling with the possibility of future chaos, and all thoughts of Desdemona leaving his mind. He hummed along, ducking into his cell before any guards noticed he was gone.

Desi was pulled from her bed some hours later and dragged to the directors office. Her feet dragged as she tried to walk along between the men, and she slumped as she was dropped into a chair. "Good evening Harriet." the director said, swiveling in his chair to look at her. Desi lifted her head only to lose control of it and have it fall back. "My name is Desdemona." she replied. The director adjusted his glasses slowly. "Actually, your given and legal name is Harriet. Since your marriage was under false pretenses, the state has had it annulled Miss Morton. We here at Arkham will be using your real name. In time, you'll use it too." Desi focused her energy and stared hatefully at him. "My name..." she spat, "is Desdemona Crane." The director smiled calmly at her, sitting silently as her energy ebbed away from her and she slowly lowered her head.

"Not as young or strong as we used to be, Harriet." he commented, "Makes me wonder how long you and the Joker are going to last with this new therapy." Desi heard the Joker mentioned and a feeling of panic gripped her. "Gotta wonder how long he's going to last, right, Harriet?" Desi leaped up from the chair at him, collapsing to the floor harshly. A pained cry escaped her, and the director stood and walked around his desk to look down on her. "I'm gonna kill you." Desi groaned, "You mark my words." The director watched her struggle to roll over and face him as he produced a vial. "Amazing thing, pharmaceuticals." he commented. "I have this serum here. One shot and you'll wake up the next day with no memory of the Joker at all." Desi stared at the vial, breathing heavy and he continued. "He'll just fade away, along with everything Desdemona was. It was developed by a brilliant behavioral doctor. I believe you know him."

Desi continued to stare silently at the vial. The director shrugged, inserting a needle and drawing the serum. "No!" Desi cried, "Please don't give me that." The director stared down at her objectively, and Desi shuddered, "Please." she whispered, lowering her eyes, "Don't hurt him." The director stared down at her for a few moments, putting the shot away. "I'm not unreasonable. We can make a deal. For every session that you take agreeably, I will spare the Joker. Sound fair?" Desi looked up at him, and the director raised his eyebrows at her. "But if you attack a guard, or refuse treatment..." he warned, "if you inform the Joker of our deal then the next session will be with him. Understand?" Desi shook slightly, "And you spare him?" she asked, frightened. The director nodded, "As long as you play ball."

Desi slid back to the floor slowly. "I'll take it all." she said quietly, "Just don't hurt him and I'll do whatever you want." The director signaled to the orderlies, who pulled Desi from the floor and stood her before him. "It's a pleasure doing business with you Miss Morton. I think you and I are going to become fast friends." The director turned to the orderlies, "Suspend her diet until her next treatment and return her to solitary." Desi looked at the director, and for the first time perhaps in her life she seemed frail. "Rest well, Miss Morton. I'll be seeing you soon." Desi kept her eyes on him as she was pulled from the room, and as she heard the bolt lock on her cell in solitary she found true fear gripping her. She curled into a ball on the mattress, listening for any sounds in the silence as she drifted to sleep.

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: r
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