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The Final Desdemona Story, Chapter Four

Story Title: Non Compos Mentus Part Four
Summary: Prison time is slow time, but more for some than others.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Some of these characters aren't mine. I just play with them sometimes.
Author Notes: This one is dedicated to my muse, jokerluv and to all the people who have been reading over the months. Thank you so very much!

Desi laid on her side staring into the darkness. She could hear water flowing somewhere, but couldn't tell tell if it was day or night and had no idea exactly how long she had been in solitary confinement. She focused on her wrist, which was tied to the metal bedpost and was affixed to an IV. Desi squinted as she tapped her limp wrist against the post, sending a dull clanging sound into the empty room. " you want to know..." she mumbled softly, "Now come on... now come" She sang quietly to no one, trying to calm her growing fear that she might never see her beloved ever again. She could barely recognize herself now, and she felt old and afraid. She swallowed hard and choked back tears as she asked aloud, "J where are you?"

Desi waited several moments before closing her eyes and letting the tears spill down her face when there was no response. "I need you." She sobbed, hugging her knees with her free hand. Desi tried hard to focus, wondering if he was ok. She remembered her deal with the head of Arkham, and tried to calm herself that he wasn't going to use any of Crane's serum on J as long as she took the treatment for them both. Desi heard the sound of footsteps and looked up as the doors opened and two gruff orderlies walked into the room. Desi winced as the light poured into the dark room and she heard a booming voice call, "Morton, Harriet?" Desi lifted her head slowly as her wrist was cut from the post and her body was lifted and moved to a wheelchair. Desi didn't resist, slumping into the chair as they pushed her from the room and down the cold hallway. She could barely focus in the light, and simply waited for it to be over.

As she was pushed into the communal shower, she was lifted and her wrists were fastened over her head to help her stay on her feet. "It's fucked you know." the nurse commented, "She's been on a liquid diet for a solid month. The bitch still looks good." As he shook his head, the orderly responded, "She's almost as old as my mom, man. Thank God my mom doesn't look like that." Desi stood there in the cold, a paper thin hospital gown covering her. "Harriet?" The nurse asked, swaggering over, "I have a proposition for you. You take care of my friend and I, and instead of this shower you can take a nice warm bath and we'll even arrange for you to have a blanket tonight." He slipped his hand along her thigh as she remained hanging there, her eyes closed. "We both got needs here, and no one will tell the clown. What do you say?"

Desi clenched her teeth as her tightly brought her thighs together on the man's hand. As he pulled to free himself she calmly replied, "I say anything you put in me you will lose. If it takes my last breath, I will have yours." She huffed, her eyes still closed, "Got it?" The nurse shook his hand as the orderly chuckled at him. He shot the orderly a malicious smirk as he walked over to the taps. He passed the regular taps, stopping instead at the sanitation sprayer. As he turned the temperature up he turned back smugly to face Desi. "Yeah," he replied spitefully, turning the tap on full blast, "I got it." The steaming water blasted past him, and Desi screamed as it hit her full force. She collapsed, hanging by her wrists as the water pounded her face and chest. She twisted, trying to guard her eyes from the hot water as felt it pour down her lower body in the cold room.

"That's game fellas!" The Joker hooted, laying his cards down and scooping up the pot. He leaned back in the chair smugly, surveying the room as his eyes lingered in the corner of the room. Standing there timidly, staring up at television hanging in the corner, was a young woman who seemed entirely out of place in the ward. Aside from the occasional spasm, she seemed more like a visitor than a patient. "What's with Goldilocks?" Joker asked indifferently. Several of the criminals looked at each other surprised. "What, you don't know?" the dealer answered finally, "That's the kid you woman almost killed all those years ago. You know, at that day care?" Joker leaned forward, intrigued. "The massacre." another replied, "We still talk about that day. It was a helluva day to be a criminal in this city. It was like we all got to stick it to that DA." Joker smirked, contemplating. "Yeah, I trained that woman proper. She's a force to be reckoned with alright." He chuckled to himself, collecting up his cards and slipping a few into his hand slyly. "I thought they moved away." The dealer commented, looking to the Joker for confirmation. "The Hell should I know?" the Joker replied, "we don't keep tabs on targets. Christ, I'm not a sociopath."

Everyone but the Joker laughed at the comment, and he looked among them pitifully as their laughter died down. "Where is that philly of yours?" Joker made a face as he arranged his cards, clicking his tongue as he replied, "She's likely keeping herself in trouble." He looked across the room and through the wall of windows as the nurse and orderly walked down the hall pushing along a wheelchair. From it Desi lifted her sopping head just above the armrest, and their eyes connected as she was pushed down the hallway slowly. Her eyes pleaded desperately and for the briefest moment, fleeting longing appeared in the Joker's eyes. "Sometimes she's too tenacious for her own good." He concluded ominously, turning his attention back to his hand as Desi disappeared from sight.

"So we are down to the last, but critical decisions." Lily explained, "First off, cake. I have it whittled down to three, but I'm hopelessly deadlocked." Lily shrugged, fanning through the pages of her notebook as Matilda looked at all the cake samples in front of her with wide eyes. Lily looked up, grabbing one of the sample slices and setting it in front of Matilda. "This one is classic wedding cake. Very simple and elegant." Matilda took a bite of the cake, chewing thoughtfully for a few seconds. "This one is good." Matilda offered, "A bit plain though." Lilly lit up, smiling as she went for another plate, "That's exactly what I though. Try this one." Lily set the second plate before Matilda, resting her chin in her palm and watching as Bruce walked into the kitchen. Her eyes followed him as she grinned and he stopped between them.

Matilda took a bite and her eyes closed as she chewed slowly. She pointed with the fork at the cake and Bruce watched amused. "I think she likes it." Bruce commented. Matilda opened her eyes, nodding her approval. "This one is a chocolate ganache with champagne icing. Just wait until you try the third sample." As Lily went for the third plate Bruce and Matilda's eyes met and he gestured for them to go. "Honey, we actually have to go." he said as she returned with the slice. Lily stopped short, setting the slice down. "Right this second?" she asked, slightly bemused. Bruce touched her cheek tenderly, stepping closer to her as Matilda hopped down from the stool. "I just have to hve this answer to the caterer in the morning is all." Lily whispered to him. Bruce took her face in his hands, "I know love, you are doing an amazing job. Pick the second cake."

"Oh, yes. It's amazing." Matilda chimed in. "Hear that?" Bruce said softly, gazing into her eyes, "Amazing." Lily closed her eyes, bemused. "It isn't that simple, and you were supposed to help me Bruce Wayne." she protested. Bruce kissed her forehead, knowing she was right. He kissed her cheek and then suddenly kissed her deeply, with a force that even surprised Matilda, who looked away briefly. He pulled from her, and Lily reached up, touching her own lips as her eyes lingered closed blissfully. "I need you." Bruce said sweetly, "You wind me up inside, you make this dismal museum a loving home, and sometimes when we make love I am given serious qualms about Heaven." Lily listened, mildly puzzled. "What could exist that could compare to that moment with you?"

Lily opened her eyes, looking up at him dreamily. "Pick the second cake." Bruce instructed affirmatively. "Ok dear." Lily said, a dazed smile growing on her face. "That's a girl." Bruce smiled, "We have to go now, ok?" Lily smiled, shrinking against the counter as he rounded it and turned to head out. Matilda looked at Lily amused. "He only gets one of those a month." Lily admitted, blushing. Bruce blew past her, equally flushed. "Bruce Wayne, you're my hero!" Matilda gushed jokingly as she followed him out. "Can I be just like you when I grow up?"

Desi lay still, her damp hair against the barren bed when she heard the bolt on her door creaking. Before she could bring herself to look she felt rough hands gripping her ankles. Desi pulled from them, fighting with all of her strength until she heard a chuckle she knew like home. As he lifted into her view, relief washed over her in an amazing wave. Desi threw herself forward, clinging desperately to her dearest. "What has gotten into you?" Joker asked, studying her face. Desi laughed desperately, blinking away tears as she held to him. "I'm just glad to see ya." she exclaimed desperately. Joker felt her trembling as she held to him, and lifted to study her. "You look tired, Desi baby." Joker said, drawing his rough finger down her nose and across her chin. Desi grasped his hand, clutching it with both hands as she closed her eyes and slowly exhaled. "Please...." Desi requested meekly, "Please kiss me." Joker pulled his hand from her grip, sinking slowly as he pressed his lips to hers. He held her face as his tongue probed her hungry mouth, and Desi wrapped her knees around his waist as she pressed herself desperately to him.

"What's all this about?" Joker whispered into her ear, "Is someone hurting you?" Desi smiled as she felt him growing hard against her, and was careful not tell him anything and risk his safety. Holding her breath to calm herself, she brought her best bedroom eyes to his bucked gently up against him. "Is that for me?" she purred, her voice wavering in her exhaustion. Joker pulled back momentarily, his eye twitching slightly as he studied her face. "Desdemona..." he said sternly. Desi chuckled softly, holding to his lapels, "It's my fault really." she lied charmingly, "Always running my mouth. Refusing to play ball and go to their bullshit group therapy." Desi chuckled quietly, sliding a knee along his groin. "I should learn to stop asking for it." Joker's eyed narrowed and he grabbed her knee roughly, pulling it from him and spreading her wide to him. He grabbed the bottom of her hospital gown and in a single pull split it all the way up, exposing her pale skin to the dim light. Desi took that hand as it rested along her shoulder, slipping his two forefingers into her mouth and sucking them gently. Her eyes never left his, conveying a hunger that burned in a way only they understood. In each other they found deliverance, and only from one other were they truly quenched.

When he could stand it no longer he broke their gaze, touching her milky breast gingerly as he released long, hot breaths across her chest. He pinched her nipples, twisting them with the focus and wonder of a boy lost. Desi grew wet, moaning softly at the nearness of him. She pulled his hair gently, drawing it into her fists as he opened his jumpsuit and growled low, his face resting on her stomach. "Tell me you want me." he growled low. Desi pulled his face toward her "I need you." she whispered. Joker lunged forward, kissing her as he brushed his erection against her opening. Desi whimpered, clutching his shoulders. "I am aching for you J." she pleaded tearfully, "Please J." Overcome by her sobs, he pushed into her and they both shuddered at the relief of it. "Oh!" Desi gasped wearily, wrapping her arms tightly around him. Joker responded gruffly, dragging his nails along her trembling thighs. "I need you." Desi repeatedly whispered, as the Joker thrust aggressively into her. He nipped and sucked her neck, and Desi rested her hands on his head, her every breath a subtle moan.

"That's right, Desi baby." Joker cooed, "Give it to me. Just like that." Desi brought her lips to his ears and panted softly. "It's yours, J. It's all yours." she whispered. Joker grunted, thrusting deeper and slowing his pace, "Give it to me baby." Desi whimpered and he continued, "Whose is it?" he asked. Desi bucked wildly, soaking him as she replied, "It's yours. Its yours...only yours." Desi shook, her energy ebbing away as she kissed along hs face. "I just need you." she gasped, "Only you." Joker stopped, thrusting a few sporadic times as he released himself into her and Desi released him, falling back onto the cheap mattress blissful to have pleased him. "Good girl." Joker said suavely, petting her. Desi was spent, able only to moan softly her appreciation. Joker sat up, turning to dress and slip away. "Oh no." Desi pouted, "Don't go yet. Don't leave me." Joker turned to her, rubbing her lips with his thumb. "Miss me, hm?" he asked, a swagger in his voice. Desi swallowed, fight not to cry. "Well then you my dear have to behave yourself and get out of solitary." Joker instructed, stroking her hair.

"Can we leave soon?" Desi asked softly, "I'd like to leave soon." Joker continued to pet her idly, slipping back into his jumper. "In time, my pet." he replied, "I have affairs here and am unprepared to leave them just yet." He turned back to her, "You understand don't you?" Desi swallowed hard and looked up at him. "Of course I do." she replied simply. Joker smiled and stood, going for the door. Desi sighed resting her head on her arms. "I would do anything for you." she whispered. Joker smiled wide as he ducked through the door. "I know baby." he called down the barren corridor. An echo like a lingering kiss, "I know."

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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