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The Final Desdemona Story, Chapter Five

Story Title: Non Compos Mentus Part Five
Summary: All things catch up, if we are in the race long enough.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These characters arent all mine. I just play with them sometimes.
Author Notes: This one is dedicated to my muse, jokerluv and to all the people who have been reading over the months. Thank you so very much!

The director of Arkham whistled softly to himself as he rounded the corner and walked to his office. He stopped short of his door and collected the stack of the day's case files before inserting his key and unlocking his office. He pocketed his keys and as he entered his office, reading from the top file. Standing in the office examining the various shelved knickknacks was the Joker. Before the director could say anything, the Joker clicked his tongue and sighed disapprovingly. The director paused for a moment before walking to his desk and setting his files down. "Good morning." he said nonplussed, "I take it you need something?" The Joker replaced his diploma and turned to face him, "We need to talk about Desdemona Crane." he said sternly. The director sat in his chair, arranging items on his desk absentmindedly. "Miss Morton is my patient, and I am not at liberty to discuss her condition." Joker rolled on his heels, walking over and flopping down across his chaise lounge. His tone condescending, he replied, "A-huh, Desdemona is mine. Mine completely, and her condition is my every bit my business." Joker huffed snidely, "And since you point it out, you are doing a Hell of a job there, Doc. Desi looks awful, and she's lost weight too." Joker looked to the ceiling and sighed, "Some treatment she's getting from you."

The director's eyes narrowed, "How did you see her?" he asked pointedly. Joker scoffed, turning to look back to the director. "The same way I got into your locked office this morning." he laughed, looking around as if for affirmation. "You think there's a place in this hospital I can't go?" he asked, "You put her in solitary, not on the moon." The Joker rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed. "The solitary has been quite long enough too." he asserted, "I want her back." The director pursed his lips as he listened, watching the Joker stoically. After a few moments of silence between the men, the director leaned back in his chair pensively. "I empathize with you, truly, but she attacked a doctor." he countered coolly, "Nearly killed him, and that isn't the only example of her violent behavior. If she's exhibit some model behavior, I'd pass her along to you." Joker sat up, his eye twitching as he studied the director. "Well, I had a talk with her about cooperating." Joker mused, "She'll fly right now." The director nodded, "Must be nice, having such control over someone." he replied. The Joker crossed his arms behind his head, "I highly recommend it." he commented dryly. The director cut his eyes slyly to the Joker, "Of course, if she is as badly off as you say, we may have to send her to the hospital ward and monitor her for a period. You understand, its procedure."

The Joker stood and began pacing in front of the director's desk. "Don't bullshit me." he said ominously, "I'm not eating flowers off the wallpaper like the rest of the population here." The Joker watched as the director's expression remained unchanged, and quickened his pace. "I don't like this banter." Joker continued, leaning over the desk as he spoke, "I don't like how you keep your composure around men like me. Even in moments where you should show some fear you are entirely too calm." The director laughed, "I have made it my life's work to help the criminally insane, and my candor upsets you? Perhaps I am apathetic from overexposure." The Joker's eyes narrowed, "I told you I wasn't an idiot. You aren't responding like a man indifferent." he judged, "You are responding like a criminal." The Director took a deep breath and shrugged slowly, "Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment." The two men stared at each other, locked in a battle of wills until the director said, "Very well, you wanna speak plainly? Let's speak plainly."

The director pressed the intercom and Nurse Abbot walked into the room, carrying a large file. She said nothing to the Joker, setting the file on the director's desk and standing beside him. The director blinked twice, his gaze fixed on the Joker as he opened the file and cleared his throat. "I have been offered a book deal if I can land exclusive information from the infamous Desdemona Crane." the director admitted. The Joker grinned, "...and the bitch won't give you anything." he concluded, "That's my girl." The director sighed, "Yes, well, that's the big deal. I was putting the screws to her hoping she'd give me the scoop. The books on you made the careers of former doctors here." The Joker pulled from the table, an arrogant swagger about him. "Well, nobody does it quite like me." he bragged. The director leaned forward, "Yes, and you made Desdemona, who is quite frankly..." he started, as the Joker cut him off. "A natural born killer." Joker said lovingly. Abbot and the director cut an eye to each other as Joker paced the room. "Listen, if you'll give me a couple more weeks with her, until my deadline, I'd be willing to overlook all your business and give you carte blanche on your affairs." the director added.

Joker stopped, thinking seriously. "I am...disinterested in your criminal endeavors, and once I am out of here, you are someone else's problem." the director concluded. Joker contemplated the offer for several minutes. "She'll be in the hospital ward?" he asked. Abbot nodded, "Absolutely, I'll move her today." The Joker nodded, "Just a few more weeks?" The director nodded, "Three, tops. Without your involvement, either she'll talk or she won't, but I have to try." The Joker chuckled roundly, "She won't, but by all means try. Put her in as many sessions as you like. With my business deals, I can wait another three weeks, and so can Desi." The Joker mused for a few moments, "If I were you Doc, I'd cut her in. She'd play ball on a scheme this zany." The director sat up, "So we have a deal?" he asked hopefully. The Joker extended his hand, "In spades." he replied as the director shook it. The Joker turned and marched merrily from the room as Abbot looked down at the director. "was that a good idea, telling him about your book?" The director sniffed, "What book? I'm not writing anything. Get House on the phone." he ordered, "The Joker just signed Desdemona's death certificate."

Lily sat at her vanity, slowly brushing her hair and sighed. She looked past her reflection to the dress bag hanging behind her as if lost when Matilda stepped quietly in. "Knock knock." she said sweetly, and Lily smiled, blinking several times. Matilda looked at the bag and turned to her. "Is that the dress?" she asked anxiously. Lilly nodded and Matilda made jazz hands as she exclaimed wildly. Lily giggled, tuning to face her. "How can you be so calm?" Matilda asked, sitting on the bench and bumping Lily over slightly. Lily covered her mouth with her hairbrush and looked about the room. "So I don't make myself sick." she admitted, "I honestly think sometimes if I admit it out loud I will wake up." Lily shook her head, setting her brush down and studying the items on her vanity. "I always thought happiness was overrated." she said softly, "I never gave it credit - it's scary too." Matilda scoffed, hugging her loosely. "Honestly, you sound like Bruce." she said dismissively.

Lily laughed aloud, sniffing as she took a deep breath. Matilda rested her chin on Lily's shoulder and smiled wickedly. "You are getting married this weekend." she whispered to Lily. Lily pulled from her and as they made eye contact, both Lily and Matilda burst into giddy laughter. Lily wiped her tears and replied, "I know! How..." she sighed, "How did this happen?" Matilda took her hands, which were waving around wildly and held to them as she looked at her. "It was meant to." she said calmly, "Take it from me, my dear friend, happiness is not overrated." Lily looked at her and immediately felt sick as she thought of Dick. Tears welled in her eyes and she took a deep breath, "I didn't mean to.." she started, and Matilda closed her eyes and shook her head. "Is everything finished?" Matilda asked. Lily's smile returned, and she nodded slowly. "There's nothing left to do but wait?" she asked again. Lily sighed completely, her body relaxing. "You are getting married in four days." Matilda whispered.

Lily looked at her with bright eyes, nodding as her excitement grew. "Is that the dress?" Bruce asked from the doorway. "Yes." Lily replied, "but you can't see it." Bruce looked up from the bag at her, a mischievous smirk on his face. Lily raised her eyebrows, shaking her head with mock authority. Matilda stood and crossed to exit the room as Bruce walked over to Lily. Lily turned away from the mirror, her hair swinging and spilling along her shoulders as she looked up at him. Bruce lifted her chin as he looked down lovingly at her. "I did try it on." she mumbled, "It's a dream, Bruce." Lily stood, her gaze at him fixed, "Fits perfectly." Bruce said nothng, leaning in and placing two soft kisses on her lips as if warning before he pulled her close and explored her eager mouth with his soft tongue. Lily held his houlders, her body lifting to form to his as she accepted his probing kiss.

Lily dropped her robe to the floor, exposing her silk lingerie as she held to his neck. Bruce broke the kiss long enough to reach down and scoop her up under her knees, carrying her as she snuggled close to him. Lily nuzzled his neck as Bruce laid her down on her bed gingerly and lifted from her. Bruce looked down at her soft pink garters, bra and black nylons. Lily lifted her head, puzzled as she watched Bruce staring down at her. "Bruce?" she called to him, smiling. Bruce fanned his fingers, hovering over her before gently touching the lace edge of her nylons. "I love you." he said, his gaze fixed on her thigh. Before she could reply, he quickly removed his tie and placed a knee in the bed, leaning down over her. "Do you trust me?" he asked. Lily smiled warmly, nodding slowly. Bruce covered her eyes with his tie, blindfolding her. Lily laid back, anticipating what was to come from the darkness.

"In four days, you will be my wife." Bruce said flatly, removing his shirt. "I will say in front of hundreds of people that I choose you above all other women." Lily trembled slightly as he commented, "And I will mean it wholeheartedly." Bruce kicked off his shoes, watching Lily's impatient wiggles with a smirk. He leaned over the bed, drawing his fingers over her face slowly. "I want to know every part of you inside and out." he said seriously, "I want you to know me." Lily gasped as he traced a finger down her chest, between her breasts slowly. Lily lay in the darkness, unsure of what was to come. She felt his hands slide up her nylons, grazing his nails over her calves. "I left home after the man who murdered my parents was caught. I roamed the earth as a vagabond for several years before coming back and becoming Batman. Most of that time, I contemplated committing suicide. I don't think I can tell why I didn't. " he confided. Lily moaned slightly and Bruce slowly pulled away her panties.

"I knew I was going to marry you the night you marched me into Crime Alley, certain I would leave." Bruce admitted, massaging her clit gently. Lily bucked, moaning loudly. She bought her hand toward him to touch him and he intercepted them, pinning them over her head and holding her down as he continued to finger her gently. Lily went wild from the sensation, calling out his name and writhing. "I told you I loved you every day while you were in your coma." he whispered, "Alfred's last words was proud, and I don't think I'll ever live up to that." Lily took a deep breath, mumbling against the feeling "You have...oh, Bruce if only you could see how good you are. You have," she continued breathless. He leaned up into the abyss until her mouth found his, connecting softly as she kissed him. He pulled away and she whispered, "you have darling." Bruce lifted her back, pulling her to her knees and began kissing her neck passionately.

"I blamed myself for the death of my parents. I asked them to leave the opera early because I was afraid of it." Bruce admitted, "But I also blamed my father." Bruce pulled Lily against him, burying himself into her. Lily, still blindfolded, grasp his shoulders and held as he drove her over him. "I was furious at him for dying and leaving me, so not protecting my mother." Bruce continued, in between heavy breaths, "I have never told anyone that. Been..too afraid to say it aloud." Lily wanted desperately to comfort Bruce, but as he worked his aggression out driving into her, she was drawing ever closer to orgasm. "Oh God Bruce." Lily cried, "Please let me see you. I'm almost there." Bruce pulled away the blindfold and Lily began grinding aggressively against him as she came. Bruce leaned back, allowing Lily to hold his shoulders and ride him. "I know you baby." she purred reassuringly, "What I don't know I have the rest of my life to learn."

Lily collapsed against him, and Bruce held her close to him as he listened to her catch her breath. "Four days." he said, kissing her forehead. Lily lay against him, contented. "Do you have to go?" she asked, kissing his chest. Bruce held her, looking out the window as night fell. "Not just now." he assured, "For now I'm staying right here."

Desi lay on her bed naked, the torn hospital gown over her for the bulk of the day. She recounted the previous evening, and with the remembrance of being desired by her beloved her weary soul was much revived. Her thoughts lingered on the previous night, and she found herself smiling as she wondered where he was and what he was doing. She heard footsteps down the hall, and tried to ignore the sound and keep her train of thought as her cell door opened. Desi rolled onto her side, turning her back to them as she was pulled roughly from her bed by two orderlies. Nurse Abbot followed, surveying the bed and lifting the tattered hospital gown disapprovingly. "Dress her." she instructed, "Then bring her to the director's office immediately." Abbot turned and left as Desi was pushed into another gown. "I can do this myself, you don't have to be so -" Desi started, stopping as the men began forcing her arms into a straitjacket. Panic overwhelmed her, and Desi fought fruitlessly to escape as she as was buckled tightly.

She was wheeled into the director's office, and leaned against the chair with a vacant expression. The director walked around his desk, sitting on the corner of it and leaning down to look at Desi's face. "Busy last night?" he asked. Desi made brief eye contact with him, but said nothing. "No sense in denying it." the director continued, "The Joker was in here first thing this morning bragging about it." Desi scoffed, her eyes glazed over. "He'd never do that." she countered hatefully. "You don't believe he was in here this morning, talking about you and his business just this morning?" the director asked. Desi looked up at him slowly, not blinking, "No, I'm saying he'd never brag to a limp-dicked piss ant like you." she spat, "A man like J brag airing superiority to a man like you is redundant." The director straightened up, lifting to a stand and walking around his desk, "Sex with another patient is grounds for punishment." he informed. Desi laughed desperately, "Then put me in solitary."she said vacantly.

"That isn't an option." the director replied, "Miss Morton, your current treatment simply isn't rendering results." Desi looked up at the ceiling, "That's because you're just torturing me. I know it, you know it, but don't expect it to get you far. I can handle torture." The director's eyes fixed on her, and when she failed to look away, he smoothly replied, "The Joker knows it too, you know." Desi's poker face slipped for a second, and the director went in for the kill. "Bullshit." Desi dismissed. The director leaned back in his chair, "He was in here just today, cutting a deal about you to get more freedom for his business handling." Desi stared at him hard, praying for the doubt that was creeping into her head to go away. Her peace of mind was destroyed, but with tears springing from her eyes she still smiled and replied, "I don't believe that for a second." The director sighed, nodding his acknowledgment. "Miss Morton, we are not willing to give up on you, but sometimes for your own good means e have to be cruel to be kind."

"Meaning?" Desi asked annoyed. She shifted in the straightjacket, "I really want a cigarette too." Th director leaned forward, "Meaning we are going to move forward with your treatment and suspend the insulin therapy." Desi betrayed herself, looking up hopefully as she heard him. "We will also be moving you to the hospital ward." he said kindly, "No more solitary." Desi was immediately skeptical, twitching mildly as she studied him. The director walked around the desk and stroked Desi's hair slowly, "If you exhibited some want to improve, we could make things much better for you." he soothed. Desi sighed, "Put me down for insulin, Doc." she said sadly, "I'd rather be in a coma than your model patient. I am nobody's whore." The director released her hair, walked away from her briskly. "Then you leave me no choice." he threatened. Desi swallowed hard, "J doesn't really know, does he?" she asked.

"Is that all you worry about?" the director demanded. Desi laughed, "Well I certainly don't worry about you." The director looked spitefully at her and she smiled wide at him, "So bring it, Doc." she laughed, "What's next?" The director kept his eye on her as he pushed the intercom. Moments later the silence was broken as Nurse Abbot walked in. Desi stared at him as he looked at Abbot. "Take Miss Morton to the hospital wing and prep her." He cut cold eyes to Desi as he said, "Electroconvulsive therapy." Desi's eyes grew wide as he finished, "Daily." Desi laughed sickly as Abbot went for her wheelchair. "I'm going to kill you." Desi chuckled, shaking her head, "You're gonna beg me." The director walked over and leaned down, his face very near Desi's. "Anthony House sends his regards." he said softly. As those words entered her mind, Desi was pulled from the office and out of the director's sight.

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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