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Knives & Lint - TDK/Joker Fan Fiction Community
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Fanfiction & art related to TDK and all incarnations of The Joker - Animated, Comic and Movieverse!

Knives and Lint - A Joker/TDK Fanfiction Community


*1. Disclaimers: Remember to give credit where credit is due! Any fiction created around the characters in the DC Comics or WB/Nolan Universe should be credited to the appropriate individuals.

*2. Tags: We ask all members use an appropriate tag for their posts. A set of initial default tags will be created. Please e-mail the maintainers if you require a custom tag for your story.

*3. LJ-Cuts: We ask all our members to make the visible portion of your entries (that is, the part that appears on the main page) as space-efficient as possible by using the LJ-cut feature. As a rule of thumb, ALL writing should always be placed under a cut, as well as lengthy author's notes/summaries and link indexes for previous chapters. See THIS POST for instructions on how to create and utilize LJ-cut tags.

*4. Warnings: If your post contains situations or language that some might find offensive, you MUST include a warning in the header (ie: violence, sexual situations, cursing, etc.) along with an appropriate age rating (G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17) for it's intended audience.

*5. Plagiarism & Hotlinking: It is the policy of the Community to BAN anyone found plagiarizing. If you suspect someone of plagiarism please contact one of the Maintainers by email, and be prepared to provide details. The matter will be discussed privately, and if there is enough evidence that plagiarism has occurred the offending member will be banned. For a concise definition of what constitutes plagiarism, please visit Georgetown University's website on the topic by clicking HERE. Additionally, hotlinking images from members is not allowed. If you hotlink images from a community member, you risk being banned if the images are not removed.

*6. Off-Topic Posts: Since this community is primarily a place for fan-created content (art, vids, mixes, fiction, poetry, etc) general TDK discussion is considered off-topic. If a post does not involve fan-created art/visuals/writing, etc - then it may be deleted by the moderators.

*7 Criticism/Conflict: Be kind! Constructive criticism is OK, flaming is NOT. (And personal vendettas will NOT be tolerated.) Any member found in repeat violation of this rule will be banned from the Community. Contact the moderator if there is an issue.


Welcome to Knives and Lint ~ The Home of TDK and Joker Fan Fiction!

* Animated Series, Comics and Movieverse!
* Any pairing, including crossovers.
* Slash, RPS/RPF welcomed!
* Fanmixes, fanvids and art welcomed!

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